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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #198 – Lights and Shadows

It’s Saturday again and while others are preparing for going to a party, I’m publishing a post for LAPC. It’s Patti’s turn this week.

We have a saying here “Wo Licht ist, ist auch Schatten” (Where there is light there is also shadow) and that’s definitely true. In photography as in painting, you can play with light and shadow. The human eye is always attracted by the bright parts of an image. Thus, you can use the shadow parts to may the main object pops out. The interaction between lights and shadows works in general best with black-and-white images, but also in color images it’s worth to have an eye on them.

A group of small decorative side towers at one of the towers of Colone’s cathedral at full moon. Here, the dark parts are the main subject also only seen as a silhouette.

During winter, the sun is able to paint wonderful structures on the ground.

This image taken in Sossusvlei is also a good example for what shadows can contribute to you final image.

Not only for abstract images, shadows can help making your main subject really key: the shadows in the back help this cheetah really popping out. Especially, because the low standing sun also models out his muscles.

Shadows can bring some depth in your architecture image. Especially for Lost-Places images this works well in monochrome and in color.


This is another example of very strong shadows. The sun was only able to enlight the top parts of the structures of a mountain side on Iceland.

This mushroom pops out from the dark surroundings. Although growing in the shadows, you can recognise it very well and the surroundings doesn’t distract form the main subject.

In this image, take a few weeks ago, the sun paints beautyfull patterns on the ground. The sun itself is positions near the sweet-spot (following the rule of thirds). In addition, the patterns are painting a positive diagonal from the lower left to the upper right and ends in the star-shaped sun. Thus, the patterns lead your view from the dark to the light.

The remaining two images are a bit different. Here we have a partial solar eclipse and total lunar eclipse. In the first one the moon is shadowing a part of the sun, while in the other image the moon crosses the earth shadow. In that image I put together 6 phases from the transition as well as the main image of the bloodmoon itself.

In case you’re interested in participating in this challenge either once or on a regular basis, check out this post published by Amy to learn about the rules and where to find the weekly topic.

Take care!

34 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #198 – Lights and Shadows”

  1. WOW. GREAT selections. I love the moon and dunes and sand-filled rooms. Excellent! (I think your Challenge numbers are off the last two posts. This one is #198. 😱😁)

  2. Such interesting and often unusual examples, Andre. The sand-filled rooms caught my attention. Where did you find those or is it some sort of edit?

    1. Thanks, Janet. No, it’s no an edit. They are taken last November in a ghost town in Namibia. You can find some more here in my blog, when following the tag „Namibia“

  3. Superb post, Andre! Your photos are absolutely stunning. I love the phases of the moon and lost places. As soon as I saw a National Geographic article on the abandoned cities, I knew I had to go to at least one of them! But it’s impossible to pick one favorite image, since they are all terrific.

    1. Thank you so much, Patti. Thanks to Amy telling us the topic a few days ahead, I had enough time to assemble this gallery. That ghost town was fantastic. You can find a few more images here in my blog when following the tag „Namibia“

        1. For me, it was also a long awaited visit. But, you don’t necessarily go to Africa. As far as I know, there are also a few in the US: former gold digger towns

  4. Beautiful choices this week Andre. I love the way you showed the blood moon eclipse and your images of the desolate, sand-filled rooms are among my favorites (altho I prefer the color version this time). I’d love to see it in person. Namibia??

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