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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 205: “The eyes have it”

This week, Tina has found a very challenging topic for The Lens-Artist’s Photo Challenge: The eyes have it

Yes, eyes can have a message and you have to be able to read it. For the gallery below, I picked some images from my archive, where the eyes have a message. For us, the mimic is an essential part of our communication. Faces are something a baby can recognize very early. And even as adults, we see faces very easily in everyday things around us, like clouds, tree barks, blossoms, and so on. Even some animals have eyes-like patterns on their bodies like i.e. the peacock butterfly. Other animals have, from our point of view, quite strange eyes. I was even searching for an image with a sheep’s or a goat’s eye but failed to find one.

The first image in the second row is a bit different. It’s a sculpture of 3 boys having circled around a girl. This sculpture is called “Türelüre-Lißje” and pictures an old legend of a girl who used to live here near the cathedral in Aix-la-Chapelle. One day, she had a big need to pee, but a few boys got aware of that problem, circled her, and hindered her to follow the call of nature. I included that image here because the artist was able to model the faces of the figurines so well. Now we can feel how the pained girl must have felt, but also see the cruelty of the boys.


Take care!

12 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 205: “The eyes have it””

  1. Wonderful gallery as always Andre. Glad you told the story of the statue (although it’s quite a weird idea for the sculptor to have captured, no???). Of the set my favorite this week is the green snake. Too close for comfort though!

    1. 😁 thanks, Tina. I shortened the story a bit. I liked the sculpture when I stumbled upon it a few years ago. When back at home I tried to find out more about it. It’s a very local story. So, for today I felt I won’t be necessary to tell all of it. But, I prepared a post for Thursday to tell the full story.

  2. Interesting story and an excellent gallery as usual. I went for the lighter side for at least part of mine. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend, Andre.


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