13 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: kite surfing”

  1. There is a lot of kite surfing here in the Mediterranean. It quickly caught the eye of this pre-historic (just ask my kids) surfer girl from California. Kayaking is another favorite. When I moved to France, I never dreamed I would find my place so near the sea. It is quite windy today so “Surf’s up!”

    1. ah, you’re one of the last dinosaurs? 😂 just kidding. For me, it’s enough to stand or sit by the sea, smell the salty air, hear the waves, and the gulls. In the 1980s, I tried wind-surfing in the Badia de Pollença. It was a nice experience.

      1. Dinosaur? That’s me. :)) I love long walks along the beach but I end up having to dive in. There is salt water in my veins but don’t tell anyone. 😉 Kayaks are great but anything larger leaves me cold as I have to get wet. I remember a ride in a very small boat in the South China Sea and the cries of my friend’s family as I dove off and swam to the island we were headed for. I couldn’t help it. It was something I always wanted to do.

        1. what a fantastic story, Léa. When I was a kid, one of our trips to on of the lakes, ended quite bad. The boat turned headlong, and I was captured under it. Since that day, I feel very uncomfortable when on a boat or a ship. As kid, I also loved diving. But, only snorkelling. I didn’t have the money for acquiring a scuba license.

          1. I’ve not tried scuba diving. I was put off by all the gear. However, if you enjoy snorkelling, might I recommend the Gulf of Thailand? The South China Sea was also stunning when I was there.

            1. Friends of mine are divers. It’s always fantastic to see their images: red sea, Indonesia, Maldives, or Australia. So many great options.

    1. Me neither. But, it seems they need a lot of muscles especially in their arms. Even the women looked well equipped. No bean pole among them.

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