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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 207: “seeing double”

It’s summer time and thus we have a couple of guest hosts for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge. This week, Jez Braithwaite of Photos by Jez is our host. When walking along the streets you can quite often see things in pairs. Get your camera, take an image and share it with us. Here I have a few examples.

Not one, or three, or four. Only two. Have fun participating in the challenge.

If you would like to participate weekly in our Lens-Artists Challenge, just click this link and join us: click here, where you can also find some more information.

Take care!

20 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 207: “seeing double””

      1. I like having the topics announced in advance, but since I do another challenge on Saturday and Sunday, I decided to wait until Monday for this one instead of double-posting.

        1. Ah, that’s reasonable. I also don’t wanna have two posts for a day. 😊 So, when my schedule does not allow posting on Saturday or Sunday, I need to integrate with one of my regular posts, or skip.

          1. I follow bloggers who post 4-5 or more posts a day but I only usually read and respond to one. Sometimes on the weekend I do both LAPC and my usual but otherwise I, like you, try to combine challenges into one post.

  1. Super set of doubles Andre. I loved the path through the identical circular arches, that one is especially wonderful. Saw your note on Jez’s page and agree doubles don’t need to be reflections, any doubles would work. Yours are terrific from start to finish.

    1. Oh, Tina, thank you. I found the two arches at a gardening exhibition and they cried for this composition. 😁framing the frame

  2. A brilliant take on the challenge, André 👏 The time tunnel is just mesmerising, but the windmills reflected in the river has to be the winner for me 😃 Thanks for joining in 😊

    1. Thanks, Jez. The twin-windmills are quite famous here in Germany. Now, one of them has a café and the other one a gift shop. But, both are still able to get operated. One of the was a victim of a severe storm. The wind was able to lift the movable part from the top and damaged the windmill very hard. The windmills are kept in good shape by volunteers. They were even able to reconstruct it. Still everything like it was before, centuries ago 👍

    1. Thanks, John. It’s funny to see, what’s in your archive, when searching for images but having a different point of view.

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