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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 208: “Summer Vibes”

A few weeks ago, I got asked to be a guest host for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge. What an honor!

It’s mid-summer in the northern hemisphere, and most schools are closed. Many people are enjoying their summer vacation. This is the time, most people are longing for. But, when it comes to the style of spending this most valuable time of the year, wishes differ following their personal preferences.

Show us your favorite activity (yes, chilling is also accepted as an activity in this context) in summer. In my gallery below, I have some of them as inspiration:  biking, mountain climbing, hiking, swimming, diving, sailing, surfing, kite-surfing, beach sailing, chilling, bbq-ing, beach partying, traveling, sightseeing, reading, dreaming, loving, dancing, and I’m sure, you’re finding lots more like i.e. Midsommar in the Scandinavian countries or the White Nights


So, I’m curious to see your interpretation of summer vibes. Make us envy and wish to be with you while you’re enjoying your summer and your favorite summer activities! Whether you are in the Northern or the Southern Hemisphere and having your summer now or in 6 months. Tell us about your summer vibes and share some images about them.

An additional hint for you when selecting or taking your images for the challenge: pay attention to the composition and avoid having distracting spots in your image like waste, bins, or parts of things. Also, a balanced horizon is usually important for a great image. You can correct it easily, if necessary, in post-production. But, sometimes, even an unbalanced horizon works well, as you can see in my wind-surfing image where the unbalanced horizon highlights the speed of the surfer. Fill your frame like I did i.e. in the bbq image or accept negative space like I did in the cycling image above. Both concepts are right. It depends on the messages you want to tell, and which one supports the message best. These small things divide a great image from a bad or an ok-image. In the past, we had a couple of themes focusing on composition. I assembled a shortlist and put it at the end of this post for your convenience. Check them out, when you’re not familiar with them. They can help you get great images.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with and I hope you enjoy joining this Lens-Artists Challenge. As always, use the Lens-Artists tag and link to this post so we can easily find you.

Thank you, Jez, for last week’s challenge “Seeing Double”. Next week Tracy from Reflections of an Untidy Mind will host LAPC #209. So make sure to have a look at her site.

If you would like to participate weekly in our Lens-Artists Challenge, just click this link and join us: click here, where you can also find some more information.

A new challenge prompt is posted each Saturday at noon EST.

As always, please link to this post either as a comment or as a pingback and use the Lens-Artists tag.

Take care!



In the past, we had a couple of themes focusing on a composition like leading lines, rule of thirds, change your point of view, focussing on the detail, cropping,lights-and-shadows, bokeh, and moving closer. Also, you can incorporate opposite colors, like red-green, yellow-blue, black-white, or complementing colors like blue-green.


135 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 208: “Summer Vibes””

  1. Thanks for sharing your Summer vibes Andre! Being winter here in the Southern Hemisphere, I am longing for summer! I love the ocean and the beaches so I will share some of my images!

  2. Thank you for being the guest host for this challenge and thank you for a fun challenge. I enjoyed all of your images and would love a taste of the BBQ and some ice cream right now!

  3. Nice challenge and images Andre. Now to get busy roaming through my archives. Right now we are not enjoying summer in the triple digits!

    1. Oh, that‘s a lot. Southern Europe is also suffering from heat waves and wildfires. Here it’s too cold for the season, just like last year. But starting from tomorrow the heatwave is supposed to reach our region, too.

  4. Cycling is a stunner! What is it about bicycles on a beach? And it works so well in black and white. I love ‘chilling’ too. Thank you!

    1. thanks, Johanna. In recent years I even saw people cycling on the soft sand at beaches. But, instead of normal tires, their bicycles were equipped with very broad tires. I was quite astonished at how well that worked.

      1. We have a lot of fishermen who bring their bikes onto the beach. It always makes a good photo but they don’t like you to do it if their licence plate is visible 🙄💗

        1. in your country the bikes have license plates 😲. here, only the motorbikes have to have one.
          I can understand, no-one wants his or her license plate having published.

    1. Thanks, Sofia. Compared to the heatwave Southern Europe is already suffering from, is our July way too cold. It’s too cold for July. Mid of July to mid of August are the dog days of summer. But the air is too cold. Only around 11-13 degrees Centigrade in the mornings (ca. 9:00 am) But, for tomorrow the heatwave is also forecasted for our region: up 36°C

  5. Well Andre, we know you’d have a marvelous challenge as well as a response and of course you did not disappoint. Loved your images they definitely set the mood for the week. Fun in the sun and then some!! Terrific post and challenge, thanks so much for leading us.

  6. Such a nice theme and great shots to support it. I love the lady delving into that ice cream mainly because I wish it were me doing that . . . right now! Thanks for leading the challenge this week.,

  7. Absolutely stunning photos, Andre and a wonderful challenge! Thanks so much for guest hosting this week. We’re delighted! And yes, I was immediately drawn to the huge cup of ice cream!! 😀

  8. Thank you for great vibes, Andre! Hosting such a perfect challenge is quite OK! Thank you! Loved your images as usual, and my favourite must be chilling with the kites!

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