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Throwback Thursday: last year in Namibia

I met this bird in November in Namibia, in a dried-out river bed (canyon) slightly northeast of Windhoek.

In case, anyone knows this species, please drop me a note in the comment section below!

Take care!

11 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: last year in Namibia”

            1. Thanks, Aletta. This afternoon, I‘m going to have a look in my archive if I have another one or if I can enlarge it a bit

              1. Hi Andre, My husband and I looked at the bird books and it might be a Wood sandpiper, but it is difficult to saybecause we cannot see the plumage. The eyes and the legs looks like it. Hope this will help.

                1. Yes, without plumage it’s difficult. When you’re right, it’s a bird migrating to Europe for breeding, but it changes it plumage for the coupling season. In Europe it‘s considered as being endangered for getting extinct. Thank you so much, Aletta. Also thanks to your husband.

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