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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 212: “Motion”

It’s time for LAPC, the Lens-Artist’s Photo Challenge, hosted by Patti, this week. She got a fantastic idea and asks for photos featuring “Motion”.

While considering some common examples and refusing to follow those ideas, I ended up in more invisible examples of motions.

  1. Listen to the wind
capture the wind and transform it into motion


2. Listen to the waves

what a noise when the sea meets the land


3. Listen to the surf

rough is the surf not only after the storm


4. Listen to the snow falling down

how silent the snowflakes are falling down on earth


5. Listen to the foliage


when the wind or kids play with the leaves


5. Listen to the rain


6. listen to the normal surf  


7. Listen to the spring, the creek, and the river

their sound is refreshing

8. Listen to the time


9. Listen to the fun

Not Van Halen!


10. Listen to Feng-Shui?

they incorporate the motion of natural powers into architecture and allow them to pass

Motion means change. Change of speed, location, direction, power, and lots more. Everything flows and you can’t keep it except the memories.


If you would like to participate weekly in our Lens-Artists Challenge, just click this link and join us: click here, where you can also find some more information.

A new challenge prompt is posted each Saturday at noon EST.

As always, please link to Anne’s post either as a comment or as a pingback and use the Lens-Artists tag.

Take care!

19 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 212: “Motion””

  1. Beautiful interpretation this week Andre – indeed most everything is ever in motion. My favorite of the set is the snowfall. One can almost hear it in that beautiful image.

    1. Thank you so much, Patti. When the falling rain came up to my mind and the sound of moving air, I got the idea of „listen to …“. Glad you like it 😊

  2. Beautifully expressed though your lens and words, Andre. Yes, listen to…
    “you can’t keep it except the memories”, well said.

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