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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 219: “Treasure Hunt”

This week, we have a fantastic topic for LAPC. Tina came up with the idea of running a treasure hunt through our archives.

A pet – our tom cat during his first trip in the garden.


The moon or the sun: both, captured during the partial solar eclipse


Clouds above the sea and in the middle of the image you can see it pouring down


an avocet and his reflection


a child, surrounded by adults on a hike in the Swiss Alpes


an umbrella helps not much when the kid plays with his boat in poodles


The next image is taken in Norway in early March during our hunt for the dancing green Lady.

A truck, used as a snow remover


I’m very happy to have the next image in my archive. Many years ago, I was on a Sunday afternoon walk with my wife and our daughter in her baby carriage and I had my camera, a film SLR, with me. Suddenly, I noticed a few blooming flowers on the ground between the already thrown away foliage. When having a closer look, the flowers looked like crocuses but neither in those well-known intense colors. Instead, a fair lilac. An older man came up to us and introduced us to this plant. He also was a hobby photographer and was not only equipped with a macro lens similar to mine but also had bellows with him, which he lent me (fortunately he was using the same system as I did). I found my first autumn crocus. Unfortunately, the original slide is lost. But, when I tried to find them again a few years later, I wasn’t successful. But, three years ago, I was lucky again. This time I stumbled upon them during a fall vacation.

autumn crocus or meadow saffron ( Colchicum autumnale) / Herbstzeitlose looks similar to a regular crocus but blooms in autumn

I passed the building in my next image when I had to follow a redirection because of a street closing.

a funny painted house (you can find inside, what’s painted outside)


A wonderful challenge and again a great opportunity to look through the archive and discover the images from a different perspective.

Maybe, I was able to inspire you to dig in your archive and find some images, you can publish your images on your blog and set a link to Tina’s inspiration post. Don’t forget to tag it with the tag LENS-ARTIST, so that we can find it.

Take care!

28 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 219: “Treasure Hunt””

  1. these are all wonderful Andre – and great job on the extra credits! (If only we had prizes you’d be in the running for sure LOL). Loved your little kitten in your opener and the child reflected in the puddle. Great idea to use the eclipse image!

  2. GREAT selections. Love the child, eclipse, et al. We were recently at the Red Butte Botanical Garden in Salt Lake City and those same-colored autumn crocuses were all over the place. It took us awhile to find what they are. PRETTY, is what they are, as well as crocuses.

    1. Thank you so much, John. Up to now, I haven’t seen autumn crocuses in big fields, only in small groups of a few blossoms. But thanks for telling me about the botanical garden in Salt Lake City. 👍 I guess, you experienced the same irritation I had when having seen them first 😊

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