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Throwback Thursday: “Three of One in Barcelona”

This week’s LAPC “One subject, three ways” hosted by Patti was so much much, that I prepared a second port. My first contribution was published on Saturday.

This time, I take you back to my visit to Barcelona in February 2014. I went there with some friends on our annual carnival escape. Many of my images are already here on my blog. For the challenge, I’m focussing on a modern and iconic building right at the beach: Hotel W




A wonderful challenge and again a great opportunity to look through the archive and discover the images from a different perspective.

Maybe, I was able to inspire you to dig in your archive and find some images, you can publish your images on your blog and set a link to Patti’s inspiration post. Don’t forget to tag it with the tag LENS-ARTIST, so that we can find it.

Take care!

18 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: “Three of One in Barcelona””

  1. Wow Andre – that final images really emphasizes who the building towers over the landscape. A great example of how a photograph can change our perceptions.

    1. Thanks, Tina. You’re right, although a photo only presents the reality the photographer‘s point of view leads the spectators eye to a certain statement. A good composition transports a message, a bad composition can do the opposite.

    1. Definitely, Aletta. Barcelona reconstructed their shore for the Olympic Games 1992 and they did incredible good work!

    1. 😁 yes, the shape raises couple of interpretations. When I remember correctly, it should be a sailship with a sail full of wind.

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