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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 222: “mountains are calling”

“You stand up there, whith your head in the clouds” – John Lees

This line of Barkley James Harvest’s famous song Hymn came to my mind when I read the topic, Amy has chosen for this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge.

In Norway, the mountains grow straight from the bottom of the ocean

But, there’s another line, tied strait to the other one:

“Valley’s deep and the mountain’s so high”

A mountain can’t exist without a valley.

In the Bavarian Alpes, the valleys in between the mountains are used to build houses


The Bavarian Alpes seems to grow out of a plain when coming from the North. Seeming to be a barrier, and they are. The Alpes are the main reason for the quite stable weather in Europe.


Again, mountains having their heads in the clouds.

towns are embedded in the valleys and areas not so steep.


When discovering the tiny rail track you’re getting an idea of the dimension.


Isle of Skye




Water finds its way down, simply following the gravity


Humans have to walk or invent something

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