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Travel Tuesday: abandoned house

On one of our trips, we saw this abandoned house beside the road. Sure, we had to have a closer look. It was amazing. But, the longer we stayed, the sky became darker and darker. Drizzling turned to rain. Most of us headed back to the road and to the pub nearby, our destination for a coffee break. One couple was a bit more water-resistant and stayed a bit longer. When they finally also turned back, the guy had an accident and his wife had to help him walk. When we noticed this, we also went out to help carry his gear and give him support to walk. One of the drivers got the car to drive him the short distance to the pub. The rest was very welcomed by him.

The next day was our last day. He couldn’t benefit from that day because he was still unable to walk. On their way back home, she had to take care of all the luggage and so on. At home, it turned out, he got a ligament stretching from his misstep. Painful, but fortunately not a torn ligament.

Every time, I see one of the images from there, the memories come back at once. Take care of your footsteps when on uneven ground.

Take care!