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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 229: “patterns”

OK, break is over (at least I guess so). 

This week, Ann-Christine invites us to think about patterns in photography. You can find them in nature as well as in man-made environments. You simply have to walk around with open eyes.

I captured the first one in Lisbon a couple of years ago. The sun painted this on the ground.


On the shelves of this small shop in Lisbon, you can find many tins with sardines. 

The next image is taken with a macro lens in a kitchen. You can see a part of a rub.

Next, I have a few natural patterns: grain on a field 

ocean waves painting patterns at the shore.

Intentional camera movement in a forest

A part of a palm tree leave

The wrinkles in the dress of the Green Lady of the North.

And finally, a railway track.


Maybe, I was able to inspire you to dig in your archive and find some images, you can publish your images on your blog and set a link to Ann-Christine’s inspiration post. Don’t forget to tag it with LENS-ARTIST, so we can find it.

Take care!

14 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 229: “patterns””

  1. Welcome back Andre! Loved all of your examples of course but was enchanted by the northern lights image – I would so love to see them!

    1. Thank you so much, John. Amazingly, there were only sardine tins sold in that store. There were a couple of different flavors. But all of them were dozed sardines 😮 I really wonder, how a store can survive with such a limited range of goods.

  2. Excellent examples – agree with Tina on the northern lights… We visited that sardine company in Porto, and you could buy your birth year on the tin. Great present!

    1. Thanks, Ann-Christine. Interesting idea (sardines captured in the year of your birth). I got a bottle of port wine made in the year of my birth when they were in Porto a few decades ago and opened it for my 50th anniversary. When I was I Lisbon, I found a shop selling those bottles from that brand. They even had some from the year of my birth in the shop window.

      1. Good! Well, these were not captured that year – they were completely new and edible. Just had the whole of the 20th century printed. I guess to give away for birthday presents.

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