Happy New Year!

Another year reached its end. Another year dominated by special regulations due to the Covid19 pandemic. Although some scientists and politicians declare the pandemic for being over, I don’t think so. IMHO the virus stays and is part of our common life now. Vaccinations are still necessary, especially for kids.

Fortunately, the rate of serious infections is quite low, at least in western countries as well as in those countries willing to cooperate with them. But, nevertheless, everyone is due to take care of their own health by protecting themselves from getting infected. Thus, face masks will probably remain just the way it is common in a couple of Asian countries for years already, and facemasks are even produced by major fashion labels.

So, I’m wishing you the very best for 2023: health and wealth. Health for being able to enjoy life with your family and friends and wealth for heaving the necessary funds either by earning them from your job or from your pension fund in case you’ve already retired.

I selected this image from my archive taken a couple of years ago. Before sunrise, I was already hidden in a hide waiting for the sunlight to wake up the cranes standing in the shallow water in front of me about a hundred meters away. Cranes are considered of being birds of happiness and luck. Me, that morning definitely brought happiness to me. Many of the birds started flying straight in my direction, just like the ones in the image above.

May they also bring some luck for you for the new year.

Take care!

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