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5 years of Vero

Today 5 years ago, I created my account at Vero. At that time, a quite new social network. You either had to be invited or you had to pre-register and wait until you got a free slot to join. For me, the latter was true.

Although the idea is very similar to Instagram, it’s different. Besides images, you can also post other kinds of media like i.e. links to music, games, video, or places.

After, I guess, a year or so, I deleted all posted content. I can’t remember why. But, 1,5 years ago, I reactivated the account. Instagram becomes more and more annoying in my opinion.

First, I hate all the movies, reels, and other uninteresting stuff. I joined Instagram for the stills. When looking at images, I want to look at them carefully. When they are moving, I can’t recognize and enjoy the lighting, composition, and message. Because of all the annoying and distracting sounds, I always switch off the speakers. When I want to see moving images, I head to YouTube.

Second, I see so much uninteresting stuff instead of content posted by one of the guys I’m following. And it seems to me, on a certain day 1,5 years ago, they changed their algorisms which is the origin of this. Because I noticed a severe decrease in likes from one to another.

Third, I’m getting tons of comments where (apparently) bots trying to persuade me to pay them for promoting my images. I check the commenter’s profiles as well as the profiles to which I should send my images, and none of them has even the slightest relation to my images. Well, you know images I’m posting here on my blog. The images I’m posting on Instagram are similar. So, I don’t see a reason, why I should pay a half-naked girl to post my images between her selfies. And, as soon as I delete one of those comments, I don’t get any more likes.

At least during the last 1,5 years, Vero performed much better. Give it a try and join me!

This blog post is no advertisement and I don’t get any money for referring Vero.

For Instagram, my advice is, to concentrate on your strengths and on what you can do very well. If you really want to do something else (like i.e. copycatting TikTok), create a separate app for that stuff to serve those users the best you can instead of squeezing it into a container or format, that does not fit. Or, at least, give us the opportunity to not see that annoying stuff. Otherwise, we’re voting with our feed and heading away (like many people already do, and Meta knows it). In the past, they already converted Facebook from a place for adolescents into an elderly pension home, while the youth moves further.

Dear Meta, guess why there are soo many abandoned accounts on Instagram!

Take care!