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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #241: spring

As usual on weekends, I’m participating in the Lens-Artist’s Photo Challenge. It’s hosted by Sohpia this week. She challenges us this week with “spring”. It seems to be a perfect fit for me because next week we have the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere.

First of all, I think of lambs when thinking of spring. Second, the awakening of nature and popping up of spring flowers. Some of the spring flowers, like i.e. bluebells and wood anemones, have to hurry to complete their full circle of fertilization before the surrounding trees close the roof with their leaves.


As usual, click on the images to enlarge them.

Maybe, I was able to inspire you to dig in your archive and find some images, you can publish your images on your blog and set a link to Sophia’s inspiration post. Don’t forget to tag it with LENS-ARTIST, so we can find it.

Take care!