About me

I’m a passionate hobby photographer based south-east of the Ruhr area in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany.

Beside landscape and animals I photograph weddings, people, concerts and other events. After nearly 30 years of taking photos on analog film I arrived in digital photography back in 2008 when digital photography reached a quality level that was sufficient in my opinion to be used and worth all the money.

I try to use this blog to show some of my photographs and writing comments about the ideas behind them, as well as showing areas interesting for taking photographs. My aim is, to focus every Thursday on traveling (showing a country or a region, talking about cultural notes and so on) and each Tuesday a monochrome image. Starting with October 2017, I’m a regular contributor at Monochromia and no longer a guest contributor. Every Friday at 1 p.m. EST (New York), you can find a new image over there. Soon after publishing over there, I’m trying to reblog it here.

In January 2017 I changed my schedule. On Mondays you’ll see monochrome images, on Tuesdays I’ll take you along on one of my trips (the Tuesday posts are considered as series), on Wednesdays I’ll show an image with no words 🙂 and on Thursdays I’ll post something from the past (let me surprise you). Local trips or activities will appear on days in between not following a strict schedule. Every now and then additional posts might appear here, depending on interesting topics, events or activities to write about.

Although I’m not a native speaker, I write my blog in English. That’s because of my friends in so many foreign countries. If you find an error, regardless of a misspelling or a grammatical error, drop me a note and I’ll correct it.

dsc_0380-s_wI’d also like to get your comments on my posts regardless if in English or in German.

Each comment will be moderated before going online.

Now, take a comfortable seat, get a cup of coffee or tea or any other kind of drink you like.  Than choose one or another word from the categories or the tag list as a starting point for your course through this blog. There is much to explore, because so many different posts were published during the last years.