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My year 2014 in images

Over the last years I assembled each year a photo book containing the best photos (in my opinion) of that certain year. Although I create separate photo books for the important travels, there are many photos left. These are taken on one of the roundtables, a photo walk or simply the best of a trip. These yearly books contain the essence of a year, taken from all 3 kinds. Usually such a book has 40 – 60 landscape pages, each with one big photo. I almost always choose landscape format books instead of portrait formats, because the majority of my photos is in landscape format. So, they are presented in the best (biggest) resolution, when I choose a landscape format book. The back side of this decision is, that those few photos in portrait format are printed a bit smaller, because of their orientation. Thus, I put two of them on one page.

I already assembled my 2014 collection and created my book. Now, I sieved this collection again and picked out the best ones. I created a slide show from these photos, that you can watch below. The resulting short film lasts about 1 1/2 minutes and has 14 MB in size. Thus I put it on an external web server to save space here.

I hope, you like it, despite it’s not perfect!

Take care and a Happy new Year for you all!


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Photokina 2014

foto_wEvery other year, the whole photo industry looks to Europe. Come a little closer and see, they are looking to Germany. Over there, in the west-north-western part of Germany is a big city called Cologne. Here, in the Cologne fairground is the Photokina held every other year for a week. This year they are also celebrating 175 years of photography.

This was my  third visit in a row.  After 2010 and 2012 I’m here again, walking through the huge fair halls looking at the new products. Cameras, lenses, tripods, bags, software, monitors and other gear is presented to the public. It’s always very interesting, although it was very crowded as usual.

As always the big companies i.e. Nikon, Canon, Sigma, Tamron, Tokina, Hasselblad, have huge stands filling nearly half of a hall each.

Many companies offered presentations. Some presented their software, other have had invited famous photographers telling where and how they shot the photographs used in the companies advertising using that certain gear. Other have had organized show shooting, when a photographer demonstrated the gear in a commented live shooting on the stage where the results were instantly displayed on a huge screen to the audience. And again, many stands were equipped with beautiful female models to be a subject to be photographed for the people.

In my opinion, this years fair is quite lame.  None of the big companies has something really new to show. No really new products, no new trends. Even some stands of the big companies were empty and you were able to touch and test some of their products. I guess, the fair was also a bit smaller than the last times.

The only new trend I was able to recognise was the lack of printed brochures at the stands of nearly all major companies. Instead, there  were QR codes printed beside the products to direct the interested people directly to the corresponding material available online. A good choice for the environment and a good choice for the carrying shoulder.

As usual on an outside area they had birds of prey and let them fly free.

I put a few impressions in my gallery below.

The fair lasts until Sunday. So, you still have a chance to have a look on your own.

Stay tuned!

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My calendars are available at the stores

cubacarsDo you remember? Recently I wrote here about 3 calendars being published, containing some of my photos taken in Cuba.

Here are the ISBN numbers for ordering the 2014 calendar showing some of the fantastic vintage cars from Cuba as well as some insights into the old town of Havana. They are available in 5 country editions: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom and USA.

According to the publishing house, the ISBN numbers are internationally valid, and you should be able to get your copy by ordering it at a bookstore where you’re living. At least you can order them via (*),, and At you can also find an option for global delivery. so, take you chance!

German Edition:

2014 La Habana / Havana Havana Portrait Cuba Cars
Wandkalender DIN A4 978-3-660-26955-0 978-3-660-27463-9 978-3-660-22007-0
Wandkalender DIN A3 978-3-660-26954-3 978-3-660-27462-2 978-3-660-22006-3
Wandkalender DIN A2 978-3-660-26956-7 978-3-660-27464-6 978-3-660-22004-9
Tischkalender DIN A5 978-3-660-26953-6 978-3-660-27465-3 978-3-660-22005-6


2014 La Habana / Havana Havana Portrait Cuba Cars 
wall calendar DIN A4 978-3-660-26920-4 978-3-660-22011-7
wall calendar DIN A3 978-3-660-26922-8 978-3-660-22008-7
wall calendar DIN A2 978-3-660-26921-1 978-3-660-22009-4
table calendar DIN A5 978-3-660-26919-8 978-3-660-22010-0


2014 La Habana / Havana Havana Portrait Cuba Cars 
wall calendar DIN A4 978-3-660-26917-4 978-3-660-23194-6
wall calendar DIN A3 978-3-660-26918-1 978-3-660-23193-9
wall calendar DIN A2 978-3-660-26915-0 978-3-660-23195-3
table calendar DIN A5 978-3-660-26916-7 978-3-660-23196-0


2014 La Habana / Havana Havana Portrait Cuba Cars 
Wandkalender DIN A4 978-3-660-26985-7 978-3-660-23274-5
Wandkalender DIN A3 978-3-660-26986-4 978-3-660-23273-8
Wandkalender DIN A2 978-3-660-26984-0 978-3-660-23275-2
Tischkalender DIN A5 978-3-660-26987-1 978-3-660-23276-9


2014 La Habana / Havana Havana Portrait Cuba Cars 
Wandkalender DIN A4 978-3-660-26982-6 978-3-660-23278-3
Wandkalender DIN A3 978-3-660-26986-4 978-3-660-23277-6
Wandkalender DIN A2 978-3-660-26984-0 978-3-660-23279-0
Tischkalender DIN A5 978-3-660-26981-9 978-3-660-23280-6

(*) this link brings you to an amazon partner shop, showing a certain subset of the regular basket of good at You get the regular prices, but I’m able to compile only these certain products for you.



I attached the official catalog pages for you as a preview.

catalog_191521 catalog_190952catalog_185884