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Throwback Thursday: 2018

Today, I’m showing you my personal highlights from the last year in no particular order.

What happened during the past 12 months related to photography?

  • January:  Helgoland
  • February: hot-air balloon flight in the Bavarian Alps
  • April: Scotland, Isle of Skye
  • May: start of the hottest and longest summer ever (hottest year since the beginning of the recording of weather data)
  • June: Baltic Sea, Isle Usedom
  • July: Birds of prey and testing the OM-D 1 M III
  • August: Visiting Switzerland and doing some hikes in the Alpes, “hunting” foxes and deers
  • September: lots of flowers and insects, visiting Photokina
  • October: wildlife photography in different places and some nice Indian summer images
  • November: Baltic Sea, Zingst
  • December: lots of rain to refill the empty water reservoirs, that were dried out by the heat and the sun during the long summer


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Take care!


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A bridge between the years


We’re standing right in front of a jump: 2018 will be 2019, soon.

Here in Germany, some people call the days between Christmas and New Years day the “days between the years” or short “between the years”.

Don’t get confused, the year starts on January 1st and ends at December 31st. But, many businesses (primarily smaller ones) close their doors these days for a short vacation to recuperate from the very stressful Advent time (the 4 weeks before Christmas). Also, big businesses encourage their employees to take these days off.

In this context, you can understand these days as being a bridge between the years.

Another custom here is, making resolutions for the new year: stop smoking, stop drinking alcohol, more sports, living a more active life, finding a new job and so on. I guess, you got the idea. Also, you make a wish for your neighbors, friend and colleagues…

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Happy New Year

This morning, a line of an old song came up to my mind: Ein Jahr geht schnell vorüber (a year is quickly over) by the German Band Münchner Freiheit. They became very popular in the 1980s with German lyrics and a good sound. Despite they appeared during the NDW movement (Neue Deutsche Welle) like i.e. Nena, Ideal, Grauzone, Humpe & Humpe, Extrabreit which were also inspired by the New Wave style coming from the UK at that time, Münchner Freiheit never called themselves a part of the NDW movement. And, when analysing their lyrics, you can see, it’s true. The band name “Münchner Freiheit” (~ Freedom in Munich) comes from a square in the Bavarian capitol Munich.

This particular song was published in 1988 and was very successful, as nearly all of their songs. Although, the first line might imply otherwise, this song wasn’t written for birthdays or New Year eve. It’s called “Solange man Träume noch leben kann” (As long as one can still live dreams).

Instead, it’s a motivational song, in my opinion. Try to live your dreams, as long as you’re able to! To help you understand the German lyrics, I translated them for you.

One year is over quickly
When the rain falls
A sea full of questions
I stand opposite you
In memory of bygone days
The big goal was far too far
For our dreams too little time
Let’s try again
As long as one can still live dreams
One year is over quickly
When the fog comes
With silvery silence
You are facing me
And it’s hard for me to show you love
The big goal was far too far
For our dreams too little time
You know that someday
Once a miracle can happen
Let’s try again
As long as one can still live dreams
I need you, you know that
Let’s try again
As long as one can still live dreams
The big goal was far too far
For our dreams  …

So, go, an live your personal dreams!
New year, new opportunities!
Happy New Year!
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A Christmas Gift for all of you

This year again I have a Christmas gift for all of you: a downloadable calendar for 2018

It’s free for your personal use as a i.e. wall calendar or a desktop wallpaper. Other usage is strictly forbidden, especially selling prints or making the calendar available on any other site than my own site.

This time, I created 3 versions. Beside the english and there german version, I created a french version this year as a premiere. So, you can decide between an English, a French and a German version this year. Right-click on the appropriate link below and save the image to your disk. Now, you can print it for putting it up to a wall, your fridge or simply use it as a wallpaper for your computer desktop. Each file is ~4.5 MB.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.