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Abbey Andechs

The 600_0741-e_wBenedictine abbey of Andechs is located on a hill. So, you can see it from far away. You can visit not only the church and the gift shop, but also the brewery, the butcher’s shop and the distillery.

They are producing different meat products, several kinds of hard liquors and some kind of Weissbier (weiss beer), the traditional Bavarian kind of beer made from wheat.

They also have huge restaurants and a vast parking ground at the bottom of the hill. Both is necessary for handling the masses of pilgrims and tourists. We were lucky to be there, when not that much people were there. But the size of the restaurants and the parking ground were impressive.

We ate something at the restaurant and sat outside. Even it was drizzling, we were still dry because of huge umbrellas standing on the terrace, were we sat. The food was good and inexpensive, and the size was enormous. We also took a glass of beer. You can have a Maß or half a Maß. A Maß is a big glass containing 1 litre of beer. I took a half one. It was good. I liked it much.

But the main reason for our visit was the monastery church. Here you can find some impressions. As I mentioned before, you can find much of white, gold and colorful paintings inside.

You can also visit the tower and have a phantastic view over the Ammer lake, as well as the surrounding landscape. But the way is very hard. Very steep tight wooden stairs leads you up and down. Unfortunately there are small meshed grids at the windows, so that you can’t take photos without having a pattern of the grid in it. 😦

Do you know Carl Orff (July 10, 1895 – March 29, 1982)? He was a composer and is best known for his “Carmina Burana”. A part of the “O, Fortuna” is often heart in movies and TV ads. I mentioned this here, because he is buried in the abbey.

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Fog is everywhere

Even I took these photos in October, they do perfectly fit into November, didn’t they?

November is the most ugly month for most of the people here. The weather is usually wet and cold, so they feel uncomfortable.

I got up early that morning, because the weather forecast proposed fog. So, I was at the lake some time before sunrise. Again, it’s a wonderful, peaceful ambience. You walk through the fog, feel the cold moisture in the air and all the sounds seems muted. Continue reading “Fog is everywhere”