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Visiting Rouen

Rouen is the capitel of the Haute-Normandie. The city is much more crowded then the others we visited. But it is also a nice city. Many old houses are still there and nice places (squares / plaza). Many of them have interesting decorated facades. You also shoud visit the palace of justice and the oldes hotel of France.

Rouen also has a famous cathedral and a memorial to Jeanne d’Arc. Both of them will have their own posts.

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left and right of the street …

… you can find quite interesting buildings.

Glamorous chateaus, nice farms, government houses, school buildings or even interesting ruins.

If you love such buildings, go and walk with your eyes open through the countryside.

But respect the owners privacy. Not every property is open for the public. When the gate is closed stay outside. On the other hand, try to contact the owner and ask for permission. Some houses are open for the public on Continue reading “left and right of the street …”

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can be found at many churches, abbeys and old government buildings.

These imaginative figurines are made of stone and usually have a pipe ending with a spout in their mouth to spit water to the ground. The architects designed them to prevent the walls from being eroded by the rainwater running down the walls and thus minimizing the influence of the rainstorms. The length of the gargoyle determines, how far the water is spit from the wall.

In ancient times figurines

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Our vaccation home

Our homebase was near Étrétat, a few kilometers north of Le Havre and only a few hundret meters away from the cliffs at the coast. The vaccation home was a quite old building with wooden floors squeaking at every footstep. Maybe it’s used to be an old farm house. Nevertheless, it was big engough to give us enough room to stay and use it as a base for our trips around.

In the Normandie the archictrure is quite different from the architecuture in Brittany even both Continue reading “Our vaccation home”

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l’Hôtel des Invalides

I have to admit, I was kind of surprised when arriving at Les Invalides (The National Residence of the Invalids). I expected to visit a church, but arrived at a military museum. So we didn’t enter it and were satisfied to watch it from outside.When visiting a museum, regardless what they are exposing, you need at least half a day to walk around an watch the exhibition.

It’s an impresive building glowing

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The Eiffeltower …

… is definitely the monument in Paris, you think about first, when you hear about that city. And it is true. It dominates the city and is viewable from many sites.

You can watch the tower from a distance or watch it from nearby. You can also watch it from the place located directly under it, because it is standing on four feet and leaving a big square between the feet.

The tower was build

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Centre Georges Pompidou

I was really astonished, when I saw it for the first time. It houses a vast public library and the national museum.

It looks more like a modern facory producing chemical products than a house of art and knowledge. Take one or two hours to walk around the huge building and watch the pipe s

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Where’s the phantom?

I didn’t seen it. 🙂

Ok, I wasn’t at night in the opera and I’m not a soprano, even not a singer.

All jokes apart. Yes, I love the “Phantom of the opera” and I own a CD set of the original recoring in London starring Sarah Brightman as Christine for more than 20 years. I also like the movie, even I’m male.

I walked around the opera and found most of the building covered by hoardings. Only few parts were free to see.

The opera is also known as Opéra Garnier or Palais Garnier. It’s one of the Continue reading “Where’s the phantom?”