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Throwback Thursday: time passes quickly

Today, my grand-son is celebrating his 3rd birthday. So, we were assumed to buy some toys for him as a birthday present. We still now the brands and some of the stuff is well known. Our youngest son just turned 20. So, our memories of having a young boy bussling around in the house and the garden, stumbling over toys laying aroung everywhere or taking care of wounded knees is quite fresh.

Every now and than, we’re stumbling in our house over some toys at the attic or in some closets leftover by my youngest son. Our grandson get some of them when he is at our house. So, sometimes, when seeing my grandson playing with one of these toys, memories come back to me saying it’s not that long ago, his uncle (our youngest son) used to play with them: wooden puzzles, plastic cars, some stuffed animals or even bricks made by the famous company from Danmark.

The image above was taken during our first walk with the baby in the park beside the hospital with my smartphone.

Take care!

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Happy birthday

600_3780-e_wThere is a certain habit in cuba in celebrating a girl’s 15th birthday.

The girl gets special clothing, is dressed up and gets a perfect makeup. Then they go to a photographer to take beautiful photographs.

According to our guide, some girls are dressed like a bride, other wear cocktail dresses and I also noticed photographs showing a girl dressed like a female version of an old-fashioned, spanish caballero. The photographs are usually taken in a park or in the streets and not in a studio.

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