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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #70: Monochrome

Another week of the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, this time organized by Patti. The theme this week is monochrome. You know, I do a lot of monochrome images. But, not only black and white or greyscale is monochrome. It’s also when only one color is dominating the image.

To distinguish this image from my usual monochrome images, I picked this one from my archive. It’s taken a few years ago on Corfu. When using the tag “corfu” you can find many more impressions from that wonderful greek island.

Take care!

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Monochrome Tuesday: I got the blues

You’re a regular reader and you’re surprised seeing a different topic as usual on Tuesdays? Don’t wonder. Leanne Cole, the organizer of Monochrome Madness, is currently on vacation. Though, she pauses for a few weeks. But, I put a monochrome image online for you, anyway.

What a funny coincidence, this weeks theme at The Daily Post is ‘monochromatic‘. As usual, I’ve put my contribution online on Friday. But, here is another one:


As you can see, a monochromatic image does not necessarily be black and white or grayscale. Here we have blue and white.

Take care!