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Travel Tuesday: brick building


Today, I have another brick building for you: a pharmacy (Apotheke in German with the stylized letter “A” combined with the Aesculapian staff as a common logo for all pharmacies). As I mentioned in my post last week, people have had to build their houses from burnt bricks formed by using foam or clay and hay. An other options was wood or they have had to fetch stones over big distances. But because of the heavy winds here at the flat country at the coast, wood wasn’t a good solution to last long. Northern Germany is very flat. For more than 100 or 200 km from the coast, you won’t find any remarkable hills or mountains. So, farmers have built large and solid trees around there farms to keep out the storms. Next week, I’m showing you an example of these farms.

Nowadays, you can find these red brick houses nearly all over northern Germany, it’s considered as typical for this huge part of Germany. The houses of different regions differ in shape, but the material is usually the same.

Take care!