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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #72 – Waiting

Another week of Lens-Artists Photo Challenge. This week’s topic is “waiting” and Tina wrote a few paragraphs to explain her idea.

Here is my story:

Back in the 1980s when I had my first car I persuaded my younger brother to go with me to France for a photo trip along the river Loire and visiting all the famous chateaus. For the end of that trip, a visit to medieval town Mt. St. Michel was planned. Mt. St. Michel is built on an island near the coast between Brittany and Normandy. At that time I had my first job and a car. My younger brother was still at school but he was able to speak french. So, without him, I wouldn’t be able to travel to France. At that time, the French were considered to only speak French and nothing else. I don’t know the reason anymore, why we canceled that trip. But, later I was sure of never seeing Mt St. Michel.

In January 2009 I joined a group of photographers. Each first Saturday of a month we’re meeting for photography trips in our area. Although we’re living distributed over nearly half of our state, we’re able to meet. The organization and planning are done via the internet.

Over time some friendships grew among some of us. We even organized some trips to locations a bit further away and for quite longer durations than one afternoon a month. In 2011 we used a public holiday (a Thursday) for a trip to Brittany. While planning the week, I came up with my long-time dream of visiting Mt. St. Michel. I even was able to persuade the others, despite the quite long distance from our vacation home at the Côte d’Emeraude. We were traveling with 2 private cars. Unfortunately, two of us were unable to start with the other on the same day and stay the full week. Instead, they started on Wednesday after work and arrived late that evening, while we others already had 4 days of driving around and seeing some parts of that area, including Rennes.

When they arrived, they told us about the fantastic sky at sunset and that they were near Mt. St. Michel when the sky turned red for sunset. So, they decided to take a photo stop at Mt. St. Michel 😢 I felt terrible when they told us about this. Mt. St. Michel was so near to me and the chance for canceling the planned visit was increasing rapidly. But, the previews on their camera displays made the other eager to want to go to Mt. St. Michel, too. Tides are turning 😀

Finally, the next day we headed to Saint-Malo first and later that day to Mt. St. Michel. Walking up the hill was a fantastic experience. I felt like thrown back in the medieval age. Unfortunately, the town was very, very crowded.

In the end, I was able to get this image (and a few more – but I love this one most). I have printed it and it’s hanging in our living room. At the same time, the others were in a pop-up theatre attending the opera Madame Butterfly right at the foot of the hill. When we arrived they were persuaded by a sales agent to use that night for a once-in-a-lifetime experience watching the Puccini opera in an open-air opera near that centuries-old town. I refused to accomplish them. My plan was very different and you know, why. 😀

It was kind of hard, to find a spot where the pop-up theater won’t ruin my image.

But, I found one 😀

You see, I had to wait about 25 years to see this iconic town.

Take care!

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Throwback Thursday: sur la plage de Cancale

Here we are in Brittany again. At the beach of the picturesque town of Cancale you can find this small square with some booths. They are selling oysters here. Right in front of the coast you can find oyster banks set up by fishermen to breed oysters and harvest them more easily. When enlarging the image you can see some of the banks in the water. The beach right next to this square ist covered over and over with oyster shells. I guess, thousands of generations of oyster shells are laying here, thrown away by the people who bought and eat them. It’s an interesting sound when walking over them.

Take care!

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Throwback Thursday: below the sea level

You’re wondering about the title of this post? 🙂 At low tide I’m standing on the ground of the sea in Brittany and pointing my camera upwards. On this rock (and similar to the other rocks around) you can see many, many common or  blue mussels. They are eatable. Therefore they are i.e. cooked in white wine.

Take care!

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Monochrome Madness 3-23

610_6618-et2_wI arrived at the lighthouse shortly before sunset. I liked how the lighthouse and the rocks stood out against the setting sun.

This is my contribution to Monochrome Madness organized by Leanne Cole. Look at here site on Thursday (Australian time), to see many more monochrome images created by many other talented photographers.

Take care!

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I’m back …

610_6791-s_w… from my summer vacation.

I was in France again – even in Brittany again 🙂

I love being at the sea. I love sandy beaches. And I love diversified shorelines. Brittany has all of these – and more!

Brittany is of celtic origin and many names still have their names in the old Brittonic language or have the names onomatopoeic transferred to French.

Street signs usually have the names written in French as well as in Breton, the celtic language of the native people. Despite of the french politic of suppressing Breton and forcing the people to speak French, there are still some people left, being able to communicate in Breton. According to Wikipedia approximately 200,000, that’s app. 2% of the population. Breton is relative to the Cornish and the Welsh languages, once spoken in south-western Britain regions of Cornwall and Wales. Now, there’s a trend to try to educate more pupils in learning Breton again.

Although, this was a vacation and not a photo trip, I have some very nice images for you. But, not today 🙂 Until now, I only have a few of them developed.

My first trip to Brittany, a photo trip, led me to the Côte d’Emeraude. This time I was in the middle of the Côte de Granite Rose. I love the climate here in Brittany as well as the landscapes. Even when it’s hot, it’s no so unbearable hot because of the near ocean. Many, many flowers are blooming in the gardens and beside the roads, pretty nice houses and villages made of raw stone or studwork. Everything is well-shaped and clean. Even tiny villages are decorated with flowers.

We have had an apartment right in the middle of the town, only 150m from the beach, to be able to do much without the need of a car. But, in France summer holiday season is over at August 30th. So, it wasn’t crowded anymore. During the first days we got aware, how summer holiday season looks like during July and August. But, on September 1st everything changes: opening hours of the shops and supermarkets, leisure activities offerings, beach surveillance and so on.

So, here is a small preview, what’s in the pipe :). Enjoy the images in the gallery below and

take care!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: achievement

This weeks photo challenge at The Daily Post is called “achievement”.

When I have had my first job and my first car, there was a dream of driving along the river Loire in France and visiting all those beautiful chateaus. Unfortunately, I don’t speak french, but my younger brother does. So, we planned during his summer holidays at school to do that trip together. The proposed finish was at Mt. St. Michel at the Atlantic Ocean between Brittany and the Normandy.

Unfortunately, that plan never came to reality. I can’t remember, why. But, back in 2011 a dream came true! I stood at the foot of the hill and was able to walk up and see that impressive island with my own eyes. Finally, I managed to realize one of my dreams.

Take care!

(as always: click on the photo to see it in a bigger size)

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Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation

This lonely tree, I found in Brittany, is my contribution to todays assignment at “The daily Prompt” called singular sensation.

I liked the unique shape of this tree and the fact to be located alone, surrounded by grain and a few lower bushes. So, it’s not only its uniqueness, that made me choose this photo. Also the  fact, that it’s standing alone  in the fields gave me the idea to choose it.


More on my travels in France (and elsewhere) can be found by using the categories on the right of this post. My most current posts are focused on traveling in Cuba.

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I’m back …

… from Brittany.

Last week I was near St. Malo in Brittany with 5 friends for taking photographs.

The cliff line of Brittany is very impressive. I recommend visiting Cap Fréhel, St. Lunaire, St. Malo and Mt. St. Michel. If you like a more gentrified site, consider visiting Cancale or St. Cast de Gildo, too.

If you like seafood and oysters, too, you should definitely consider visiting Cancale.

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