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Leaving Havana

600_4273-e_wThis is my last post on Havana, but not the last of my series on Cuba. Have a look back on the skyline and fantastic sunset.

Now, we’re starting our trip to explore other parts of the country. Different cities, different insights, different landscapes, but always interesting. Havana is Cuba, but Cuba is much more than Havana. So, be prepared for more interesting insights into Cuba.

For now, you could have a look back on the other posts on Cuba, which are already online to shorten the time until my next post on Cuba appears here.

Take care!


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public transportation in Cuba

600_6333-e_wIn my last post, I wrote about the Cuban taxes business. Today I want to introduce you to the busses.

It’s really amazing, what kind of vehicles is used for being a bus. in Cuba. As you can see, most busses were intended to be a lorry. But after some small reconstructions they can be used as a bus.

Take a lorry, attach a ladder or a staircase and put some benches on the cargo area. At last put a roof above the cargo area and the bus is ready.

Enjoy the drive 🙂

There are already some other posts on Cuba online. While waiting for the next post, you could have a look on them.

Take care.

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