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A view from a bridge

 600_1004-e_wCastle Neuschwanstein was built on a hill growing out of the plain. A very hard foundation. Hard for the builder, but a dream place for the owner. A castle with a wonderful view.

As I mentioned in my last post we were unlucky and had heavy fog that day. So, I’m unable to show you photos of that view.

There is a valley right next to the castle, where a wild creek goes its way down to the valley. A bridge was built to connect both sides of the valley. The bridge is called Marienbrücke (bridge of Mary) and is build from iron with wooden planks to walk on. The bridge is located 90m above the valley. Because of the fog we were not only unable to enjoy the view, but also unable to notice how high above the ground the bridge was built. Even the waterfall was hard to seen, as you can see in my photo.

Right beside the end of the bridge on the castles side sat two artists: a musician and a painter. The musician was playing a medieval instrument and the painter tried to sell his watercolor, ink or crayon paintings of the castle.

I don’t mention all the other things you can buy in one of the gift shops.

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Visiting King Ludwig II

Castle Hohenschwangau
Castle Hohenschwangau

OK, not literally, but, when in Bavaria you should definitely think about visiting his castles of dreams.
Ludwig was born in 1845 and grew up in castle Hohenschwangau. Even he was a child of the 19th century and he took advantage of the technical development at his time, he dreamed of being an absolute king like the french king Luis IVX or one of the medieval kings.

He planned and build several chateaus and castles in Bavaria, but the best known is Castle Neuschwanstein, located in Schwangau, a few minutes away from the castle he grew up.

I guess, you already have seen photos of this castle. It is so wellknown, that Walt Disney chose it as the blueprint for his own Cinderella castle and the Buena Vista logo, the movie company in his business empire.

Our holiday home was about 70 km away from Schwangau, so we went one day for a visit. Even the weather forecast proposed the best weather for that day during our visit, we were quite unlucky. The castle was covered by fog.

But, have a look.

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