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The British Cemetery of Corfu Town

610_7872-s_wOne morning we visited the British Cemetery in Corfu Town.

An old gardener takes care for the cemetery and introduces you to his work. It’s definitely worth a visit. Don’t hurry. Enjoy the silence and the beauty of this enchanted place.


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Monochrome Madness 2-33

Another week of Monochrome Madness hosted by Leanne Cole.


November is a month of remembrance. Here in Germany, we have two Sundays donated to those past away. Volkstrauertag (Memorial Day – literally the day of mourning for whole nation) is donated to all people of all nations, who died as a result of war. Volkstrauertag was last Sunday. Next Sunday, we have Totensonntag, the Sunday in commemoration of the dead – all dead people. In our tradition, Totensonntag is the last Sunday before the Advent, the preparation for Christmas.

The photo above was taken on the Britisch Cemetery of Corfu, in Corfu Town, back in May.

Take care!


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typical November

600_0848_wYou might wonder, what I mean, when I say “typical November”. Here in the northern hemisphere November means summer is definitely over, but winter hasn’t already started although up in the mountains they already fight against the snow.
November usually is quite cold, wet and windy, even stormy.
November is also the month with many memorial days dedicated to the past away or dead people.
– November 1st is dedicated to all saints (from the view of the catholic church)
– November 2nd is dedicated to all death people (All Souls Day)
– 2nd Sunday before 1st Advent we have people’s mourning day to remember all the soldiers of the World Wars and those who died due to the violence of an oppressive government.
– Sunday before 1st Advent we have Sunday of the Dead, also called Eternity Sunday. It’s also the last Sunday of the Christian or Church year. This protestant memorial day is similar to the catholic All Souls Day.

Are these or similar holidays common, where you live? Drop me a note in the comments area and tell us about.

As a long time reader you might remember, that I already showed photos taken in Paris and in Havana and explained, how interesting a visit on a cemetery in a foreign country is. And that I proposed to show photos taken on a German cemetery. So, here they are.

Usually German cemeteries are designed like parks. Continue reading “typical November”