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Throwback Thursday: A window to the cliff

This image is from my first trip to Etrétat in March/April 2012.

This window had a diameter of approximately 1,50m and was cut in the chalk cliff. A small path led to this place. We’re about 80m above the sea and no fence is between me and the sea. The ground you can see in the im image is the floor I’m standing on. I’m approximately half a meter away from the edge. What a strange feeling!

When I was in this place again in August 2015, only a few remains were visible. Lots of chalk were already eroded.

Take care!

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Monuments created by mother nature …

or rather by water, wind and sun.

The coast of the normandie consists of calkstone and thus it is not as solid as i.e.grantie or basalt. Sun heats it up during the day, while it cools down during the night. These changings in temperature bring cracks in the rock, where the water (i.e. the rain) can attack the stone furthermore.  Continue reading “Monuments created by mother nature …”