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Travel Tuesday: having a chat

Here you can see, why it is important to wear dark clothing instead of these intense colorful functional clothing. You can find three people disturbing a perfect image of an old stone bridge on the Isle of Skye. The two guys chatting at the right side of the bridge are giving perspective and help you feel the size of the bridge. But, did you also recognize the tiny lady on the right side near the edge of the image? When she would have chosen a colorful jacket instead of the dark-gray / black one, she would have popped out much more and the degree of disturbance would be bigger.

Take care!


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trying snapshat

snapcodeFinally, I created a snapchat account. Up to now, I don’t really have an idea, what to do with it. Only very few of my contacts use it. So, do you use snapchat? What do you do with snapchat? Drop me a line in the comments.

Here, I put my snapcode online. Add me, if you want to. I’m “terratux”, because the nick solaner was already taken.

I’m really curious, what will happen.

Same is true for Instagram. I’m solaner_ on Instagram. Looking forward to meet you 🙂