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Monochrome Monday 7-48


This image is a quite typical example of an image where the exact conditions did not meet the plan.

It’s Sunday morning 7 a.m. Easter-Sunday! My plan was an image similar to the one I took last year. But, the weather conditions were against me. The whole week before we had very nice weather. But, that changed Saturday night. Today we even have a mixture of rain and snow at around 2°C.

Yesterday, I got up very early as planned and drove to this location. Unfortunately, I only got this grey cloudy sky and there was no possibility to see the sun. So, I had to think differently to capture a suitable image despite the conditions.

Take care!

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Weekend wanderings

600_4325-e_wOn Saturday we had a wonderful warm and sunny late summer / early fall morning. That was a good opportunity to get my camera and have a walk in the park around the little chateau and afterwards in our old town.

In this first of two posts I have the photos taken at the chateau. Its roots are a medieval moated castle, built for safeguard merchant streets.

The oldest notes in official documents are dated back in the 14th century. That’s because two important merchant streets crossed here. The last private owner died back in 1962, so it’s owned by the city government now.

Today, there is a museum for local history and the city’s wedding room located in the chateau.  The moat still exists, although it’s quite hard, to keep it clean. Such a small standing water is always in risk to silt or to begin to stink.

The park is used by dog owners to walk their dogs or to promenade. In the lower part, there is a big playground with sandboxes, climbing frames, swings and a  ball games playground. On the other side of the park, there is a hospital.

Have fun!

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Chateau Colombieres

Do you remember my post on interesting buildings to be found left and right the streets? Here is another one!

We knew about this chateau from our travel guide. And we also knew that the owner is still living there, a real caunt! So we called in advance to ask, if it is open for the public on that day. Unfortunately the house is open only during the summer month for visitors, but we got permission for the park.

I love such old houses and I admire the builders, who build them hundreds of years ago without strong machines and Continue reading “Chateau Colombieres”