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Interior view of Notre Dame d’Amiens

Today I have some additional photos of the interior of Notre Dame d’Amiens.

Another statue of Jeanne d’Arc is placed in one side ship. On one hallway I found an interesting statue of Mary with the child standing on the head of a snake with one foot. An I found an interesting statue of a skeleton resting in a hammock, very funny. Continue reading “Interior view of Notre Dame d’Amiens”

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Bayeux cathedral

This post is dedicated to the Bayeux cathedral, while my last post focused the city.

Bayeux cathedral “Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Bayeux” is a romanesc cathedral, just like oft of the cathedrals we visited during our trip in the Normandie. While most of the other cathedrals in the Normandie Continue reading “Bayeux cathedral”

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Eglise St. Jeanne d’Arc de Rouen

is also a church, but an unusual one.

This church is very modern, similar to St. Joseph in Le Havre, but much different. The similarity is only in being modern and unusual.

The shape of this church is like ocean waves.The bell hangs outside under a small roof directed to the market halls. The church and the market halls are connected by parts of the roof and the same in style. The highest wave forms the tower, but in front of the church is a very high cross instead of locating it on the tower.

This church is Continue reading “Eglise St. Jeanne d’Arc de Rouen”

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Cathedral Notre-Dame de l’Assomption in Rouen III

What do you expect to find in an old, gothic cathedral? Chairs, crosses, candles, bells, statues of angles and saints, altars, graves. OK, whom do you think is burried in the graves? Church dignitaries, the architect, kings, royal family members or members of the local sovereign. OK, and in France? The same. Continue reading “Cathedral Notre-Dame de l’Assomption in Rouen III”

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Cathedral Notre-Dame de l’Assomption in Rouen II

Todays post is an extention to my last post on the same topic. The cathedral is very interesting from a certain perspective: Jeanne d’Arc

This woman, born in 1412, was killed on May 30th of 1431 in Rouen after a trial, where she was found guilty for heresy (meaning being opponent to the roman catholic church and teaching others about that). The real reasons instead were different.

During the 100-years war England was stronger than France from the military aspects, and she, even not a man, led the french army to a glorious victory against England. She offered herself to the franch king, because she had a vision to do so and was able to convince the french government on her godly assignment . Later, after her victories, she was captured and delievered to the English army and put to a trial. The French king instead didn’t investigated to get her free. So she was found guilty by the court and executed by buring her at the stake. 25 years later another court pronounced her innocent and declared her as a martyr. This is only a very brief overview of the story. Use wikipedia or go to your local public library to get more information about Jeanne d’Arc and the 100-years war in Europe.

Today you can find several monuments to honour her. One of these (yeah, we’re back at the topic) Continue reading “Cathedral Notre-Dame de l’Assomption in Rouen II”

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Abbaye de Jumièges

This was my first time standing in a cathedral, without a roof. It’s an interesting experience, when standing in an old cathedral with grass on the ground and a blue sky above, instead of the gothic roof. Groups of birds were flying through the broken windows and the absent roof. A strang feeling, but it redminds me to certain ideas of the medieval ages, when francican monks preached of this picture to illustrate, that wealth is not important for god and a simple life would be proper for everyone. (Have you ever seen the Continue reading “Abbaye de Jumièges”

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Saint Joseph in Le Havre

The tower of the church is high and overshines the ordinary buildings. When I saw it for the first time from a distance, I asked myself, what kind of building it might be, although it seemed dull to me.

When coming closer I noticed, that it is a church, build in the same style as the surrounding business and appartment  buildings.  Do you remember my last post on the city of Le Havre? Continue reading “Saint Joseph in Le Havre”