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Make love, not war!

600_5015-s_wThis is one of the slogans of the flower power or hippie movement back in the 1960s and early 1970s, when people were tired from loosing relatives (son, fathers, husbands, uncles or brothers) in wars, that seem unnecessary to them.

One of these wars was on Cuba, when cuban refugees tried to banish Fidel Castro and his companeros, to get rid of his revolution. But, they failed. So, Cuba is still a communist country and many Cubans live in exile in Florida, only 30 km north of Cuba. In Cuba you can visit a little museum in the area around Bahía de Cochinos, where the attack in back in 1961 was started. You can also find hundreds of memorial pillars beside the streets, to mark places where important revolutionists died during this war.

Inside the museum you can find many documents, bills, banknotes, coins, old newspapers, photographs, ID cards and parts of the defenders equipment. Of course, everything is written in spanish. For taking photographs inside, you have to pay a 5 CUC fee, as I already told you in several other places in the past.

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