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Monochrome Monday 9-08

Shortly after sunrise at the Fish river canyon in Namibia. While waiting for the sun to crawl higher so that the light was able to reach the remaining parts (poodles) of the water. At that time, the term canyon was right. But, where was the river? The river took a rest. Will be back in the next rain period.

Nevertheless, while waiting, that other car came along raising a huge body of dust from the dry road. Back in the summer of 2020, I was able to see similar situations in Iceland. When seeing such only every now and then, it’s quite impressive. But, I’m glad to not have such each day. On the other hand, when mankind is unwilling to change its style of living, we will definitely see such everywhere on our globe on a regular base.

Here, the low-standing sun makes an interesting scene. But, when the sun dries out the country, nothing remains than stones and dust.

Take care!