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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #82: capital cities

This week, we have a guest host for the weekly Lens-Artists photo challenge. It’s Viveka from Sweden. She asks for images from capital cities. Although I visited several capital cities (country capitals as well as state capitals), it’s very hard for me to find a suitable image. In my opinion, you should recognize the capital in that image for such a challenge but without simply showing an iconic building representing the city like the Eiffel Tower for Paris, The Brandenburger Tor for Berlin, colosseum for Rome, Big Ben for London or the skyscrapers for New York

The other main reason is, I don’t like these concrete deserts called cities. To be honest, I try to avoid cities.

Nevertheless, I dug into my archive and picked this image from Havanna for you.

I guess this is my most loved image taken on Cuba. If you’re interested in seeing more images from Cuba, you can check them out here in my blog.

The building in the back it the capitol of Havanna, a small version of the US capitol in Washington D.C.

Take care!

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Monochrome Madness 3-13


mm13-600_4273-eb_wToday, I’m taking you out to another visit in Cuba. Here we have the skyline of Havana right over the bahia at sunset. I think of my visit quite often. It was a very pleasant time. I’ve had many posts on that trip here in my blog. You can find them by using the tag cuba.

While writing this post, we have had a hot day (+27°C). That reminded me to that wonderful trip to Cuba. Although, it’s less hot here than on Cuba, it’s more uncomfortable here because of the high moisture. During the last weeks we have had so much rain. Many houses and streets got over-flooded. Strawberries are rotting in the fields. June was a complete fail when speaking about this summer until now. May was fine, but June was too wet. We often have had more liters of rain during a single rainstorm than usually during a complete average month! We even have a temperatures around 12-15°C. (we often have these temperatures during winter).
I hope, summer will finally come one day – hopefully very soon!

This is my contribution to Monochrome Madness organized by Leanne Cole. Look at here site, to see many more monochrome images created by many other talented photographers.

Take care!

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Creating a photo collage the easy way

cubacars2Earlier this week I published a collage containing my top 10 images from last years Monochrome Madness, an open competition with only monochrome images. I got a few questions, how I was able to create it.

As usual, there are several options to create such collages. Some of the options might be Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, GIMP* or  Scribus*. (* these apps are open source and available for free legally!) I uses something completely different: Collage Factory Free. This is the light version of a software specialized for creating collages. The light version does not have all features of the complete version. Thus you might call it CrippleWare! Despite this, it has enough features for me.

First of all, you select a template. You can always modify the collage by adding further images, delete place holder or re-arrange them. You can also change the size and the angel simply by clicking on one of the blue dots in the edges of a frame and pull it or click on the red dot above the frame and spin it around as long as you like it.

Next, you select your images and pull them in the free space on the left. From here, you distribute them manually with your mouse or click on one of the automatic buttons in the upper left area (“fill random” and so on) I usually distribute them on my own.

Now, you can add a text box, if you want to. You can use every installed font. The software goes you some effects to add, like shadow, border or fillings.

Not everyone like the default background. That’s ok! You can change it. the app comes with many different option for the background: simple colors, color gradients, patterns and background images. You can even chose your own image for the background.

The last step is choosing the image size for the final image ind jpg format. Here we have the strongest restrictions in the software. There are only very few sizes available in the free version. For me, it’s enough. But, decide on you own. Don’t forget to save the creation in the edible format of the app, too. So you can change parts later, if you don’t like your original creation. The file format is a structure, that contains even the selected image. So, you can even move the edible file i.e. to an external storage and won’t loose one of the used images.

I attached screenshots from the app of a complete workflow. I created a collage from my Cuba images.

If you try the software on your own, please let me know, if you like it and, maybe, you can publish your creations somewhere and leave me a link to it. I’d like to see your creations!


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Monochrome Madness 2-35

mm35-600_6371-et_wEvery first week of a month, the monochrome madness by Leanne Cole has a specific theme. This week the theme is “bell”.

On Sunday we have had the first of Advent, the last 4 weeks until Christmas. A bell ist used for calling people together, to alert them. In ancient times, bells were i.e. used to alert the citizens in case of fire or war. So, I have an alarm bell for you. I found it in Castillo San Pedro de la Roca of Santiago de Cuba. The Castle high above the small entry to the big bay of Santiago. In the back, you can see the bay.

Be alerted for the upcoming holidays!




Take care!