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Throwback Thursday: blue tit


Currently, a mysterious series of deaths is spreading in certain areas among blue tits. Recently, I read a report stating about 18.000 death blue tits. Others are already ill. They are losing feathers around their head and sitting fluffed up but apathetically in the trees and on the ground. They don’t flee anymore and id seems, they have problems breathing. It also seems they can’t swallow anymore. So, it might be they are dying from starvation and thirst. It also seems the disease is very infectious but only for blue tits. Other small birds seem not to be affected. Up to now, no certain illness is discovered. But, the region where the German states North-Rhine Westfalia, Hessen, and Rheinland-Pfalz are bordering seems to be the center of the illness. Most of the death blee tits are found in gardens around feeding places.

Take care!


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Weekly Photo Challenge: broken


610_7890-eb_wThis weeks topic at “The Daily Post”  for the photo challenge is “broken”.

Regardless if it is intentionally broken or not. A ruin or something after an accident. You got the picture.

I picked this old graveyard, because the single graves are broken, but also the relationships between the people in this yard and those outside. Hearts might be broken, too, from mourning.

I edited it in monochrome, to support the special mood!

Take care!

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Visiting a cemetry?

Are you kidding? you might ask. No, I’m not kidding. It’s somewhat interesting and it’s definitely part of a country’s culture. How do the people handle death.

There are 3 important cemetries in the inner Paris area: Cimetière Montparnasse, Cimetière Montmatre and Cimetière Père Lachaise. You can visit them and Continue reading “Visiting a cemetry?”

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Fading beauty

What do I mean with that topic?  A beauty, that tries to hide? Or maybe that the beautifulness hides from someone or something?

I mean the second. Everything alters when growing older and becoming mature. Many things are becoming ugly while becoming mature. But others are keeping their beautifulness even they are altering. They are getting Patina. Copper, i.e., gets only really beautiful, when having patina.
This rose once was beautiful. While fully blooming it dried out and was able to conserve its beautifulness, until today.