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Throwback Thursday: Photokina time (not)

This is the time of the year when each second year Photokina was held. Last year I wrote about my expectation, Photokina might be dead. We will see if I was right.

I visited this fair a couple of times. I was the world-leading fair related to photography. Last year the fair was canceled because of the pandemic. This year would be supposed to be a non-Photokina year when following the original schedule. Besides, the organizers modified the schedule. Instead of a week each second year in September, the fair now is supposed to last only 3 days each May since 2019.

Take care!


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Monochrome Madness 2-02



Todays photo for Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness is taken from my visit in Dusseldorf, participating in our monthly photographers roundtable.

I really like these unusual buildings, designed by Frank Gehry. You can find other buildings, designed by him, in many other places all over the world.

Take care!

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dancing houses

610_3216_d_wYesterday we have had our monthly photographers roundtable. We met in our state capitol, Düsseldorf and visited the Media Harbour, a former trade and custom harbor. A few years ago, this area was renewed and the premises were then used by media agencies, film companies and advertising agencies. That’s the reason for the name “Media Harbour”. Many new buildings with steel and glass fronts were set up, but some of the old buildings are still in place. You can also find here the Dancing Houses, three buildings made by the famous architect Frank Gehry.

We were gifted by fantastic pre-spring weather. Thus, many people were in the streets enjoying the sun and the warmth.

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Street Art in Duesseldorf

600_0815-c_wYesterday afternoon I attended a very interesting guided tour on local street art. I got aware of this offer a few days ago and decided to go. The tour was led by an artist with detailed know-how on the certain kinds of art, as well as the artists, people like  Pixelpancho, Mayo Brothers, Findag or Harald Naegeli, the sprayer from Zurich.

Street art is much more than simply polluting walls with ugly colors. Indeed, graffiti is a certain part of street art, but there is much more.  Some pieces are very big and are to oversee, other small and hidden. Some are made of spray colors, other similar to wallpapers, others of plastic foils and some woolen knitted art. So, interesting.

I attached a (quite big) gallery. Although I reduced the selection, it is still big. My aim was, to show different kinds of art as well as different artists and a few details from the facade paintings.

I knew some of the facade paintings before, and I know, there are some more. It’s kind of hard to find them again, after passing by without taking a photo. So, I took the opportunity to see some more and I wasn’t disappointed. I hope, to find some more on my own soon.

As usual, you can click on the photos to enlarge them and browse through easily.

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Düsseldorf Jazz Rallye

600_0531_wWhat’s that, you might ask.

It’s a weekend with lots of music in the old town of Düsseldorf. In many public places, pubs and restaurants jazz bands were playing. On Saturday, when I was there with my friends on our monthly photo trip, they were playing Dixieland. Some parts of the old town were very crowded, especially one place, where the Dixie band600_0366_w played opposite to one of the famous brew house which the old town of Düsseldorf is famous for.

At the same time another event was in Düsseldorf. Not far away, on the promenades along the river Rhine, a french weekend took place. Stands offering french literature, food, wine and art were set up to interest the passersby. And … huge fenced areas for playing boule. It seemed to me, they were holding a boule championship. So it was quite interesting to watch on both events.

Usually the promenades have a solid surface of tar and stones. But for the boule patches, they brought pea gravel the set up the boule patches. Only a small area was left for the passersby. But, it was still enough room to have a look. Although I said, it was crowded, it was much less crowded than it was here 3 weeks ago at Japantag. Neither on the promenades nor in the old town you got stuck.

Take care!

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Japantag 2013


Yesterday, the Japanese Community in Düsseldorf, celebrated the Japantag (Day of Japan). Some more information you can find in my last years post.

This year we had bad luck with the weather conditions. Although the weather was fine, when I arrived, it was quite windy. Later in the afternoon it became cloudy and the first raindrops felt on the people. Thus I decided, not to wait for the fireworks. The weather forecast proposed heavy rain, so I went home early.

But all over the day Continue reading “Japantag 2013”

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Japan Day 2011

Last Saturday I was in Düsseldorf for visiting Japantag.

That’s the celebration of the friendship of Japan and Germany.  It’s celebrated in Düsseldorf, because Düsseldorf is the city with the most people from Japan. This year we celebrated the 150 year anniversarys and it’s the 10th Japantag.

Usually many visitors come in homemade mascarade, acting as an anime, manga or computer game character.  I really love the costumes and admire the quality of the costumes. Here we go and enjoy:

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I still have some pitures taken during demonstrations of Japanese sports.I’ll publish them soon.