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around Dyrhólaey

the black beach and the westmen islands at the horizon

A few month ago, I have read about the 10 most impressive beaches one has to visit during lifetime. One of them was the black beach next to the Dyrhólaey peninsula, near Vik. This peninsula is 120m high and of volcanic origin.  Behind the cap of the peninsula, the rock has a big hole, giving the name of the peninsula: the hill-island with the door-hole.

From up there you have a fantastic view. Following the sun you can see the black lava columns of the Reynisdrangar come out of the sea in the east, in the south you can see the endless ocean, in south-west you can see the westmen islands (Vestmannaeyjar), to the west your eye can follow the coastline along the black beach of lava stones and to the north you can see the big glacier Mýrdalsjökul.

I’m so glad we have had such an experienced driver for our small bus. The narrow street up to the plateau was really an adventure.

Take care!

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