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Comparing towers


I took this image on a rainy day during my second trip to Paris.

Here we have a modern tower representing the modern capital of France: office buildings made of concrete, glass and steel.

In the background you can see the Eiffel tower, built from 1887-1889 for the World Exhibition as a memorial landmark for the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution.

At that time, it was the highest building on earth. 324m of pure iron. Really a world wonder. Until, in 1930 the Chrysler Building in New York took over the label “highest building of the world”.

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Monochrome Madness 4-05



This is my contribution to Monochrome Madness organized by Leanne Cole. Look at here site on Thursday (Australian time), to see many more monochrome images created by many other talented photographers from all over the world.

I’d also encourage you to participate. The conditions are  published in each of her Monochrome Madness posts.

Take care!

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A short visit in Paris

600_3616-bc_wWhen we were in Fourqueuex for visiting the  Fête Patronale, we had some hours free, to visit Paris. As I wrote in my first post for this trip last Tuesday, we had bad luck with the weather. It was constantly raining during our hours in Paris. But, nevertheless, I was on a walk with my camera. Even the walk was shorter than planed, I have some photos to show.

Some members of our group were shopping at La Fayette or Les Halles, others went to Sacré Coeur and Montmatre  and some sat in a restaurant most of the time.

I was very wet. It was quite warm, so a raincoat wasn’t really necessary to keep one warm. But, because of the rain we needed it. An umbrella comes very unhandy for a photographer. So, I went without my jacket most of the time, when the rain was only slightly drizzling.

At last we had a rest in the Carousel at the Louvre palais. Sitting in a warm and dry space and having a cup of hot coffee. While I had a second cup. my wife and a friend went window shopping and buying some nice gems.

Now, you have the opportunity, to see a bit of Paris too. Take a dry seat, get a cup of coffee, tea or any other drink and enjoy the photos. I crosslinked some of my other posts as a further reference.

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The Eiffeltower …

… is definitely the monument in Paris, you think about first, when you hear about that city. And it is true. It dominates the city and is viewable from many sites.

You can watch the tower from a distance or watch it from nearby. You can also watch it from the place located directly under it, because it is standing on four feet and leaving a big square between the feet.

The tower was build

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I’m back …

.. from a city with a cuddle factor.

For a few days I was in Paris, France, with some friends. Lodging in a Hotel near Place Pigalle at Montmatre: Small room, tiny bath and an elevator giving room for only 2 thin people (max 225 kg) on a platform of approx. 60 cm to 60 cm.

The area around Place Pigalle is an area with many music instrument stores and souvenier shops. It’s also an area with many theatres Continue reading “I’m back …”