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Throwback Thursday: cranes

common, Eurasian, grey or gray cranes (grus grus) / Grauer Kranich or Eurasischer Kranich

These cranes resting on a harvested patch in northeastern Germany. In this region, the cranes stay for approximately 4 weeks in fall before heading to the south of France and Spain to spend the winter in those warmer areas.

This year we saw plenty of birds, but only few of them were adolescents. The last two years were hard for them because they need wetlands to find food and also for protecting their nests from predators like foxes. The two last years were very hot compared with the usual summers. The months of summer also lacked rain. And the last winter was also way too dry so that the reservoirs were not properly refilled before the next hot summer started.

This hot summer ended way earlier than the last one, although the temperatures were much higher. We cracked the 40°C mark. While the highest measured temperature in 2018 was 39°C (36°C where I live), we got 43°C this year where I live. In 2018 the fall started in about mid-November, while it started this year by the end of July to get back to our ‘normal’ summerly weather and even fall started early. Up to now, we have several wet weeks again. No hard rain, but much of spray-rain and drizzling. Showers every now and then. I really hope, this will be enough to refill the natural reservoirs.

Take care!

nature, photo-of-the-day, photography, travel, world

Throwback Thursday: a magical morning

Saturday morning 5:30 a.m. I’m laying in my warm bed. It’s only 4°C outside. A free weekend. But, what’s that? What noise. My alarm clock rings. Hey, what’s wrong? Anyone’s playing a joke on me or is trying to annoy me? No, it was me, who set the alarm on this early hour.

After having a shower and a cup of coffee I started to my destination. About 60 km to drive, approximately 45 minutes. It’s still dark outside and only a few cars are on the motorway. I arrived without any problems and met with a friend who came from the opposite direction. We met there for taking some photos. The weather forecast was very proposing. Unfortunately, we only had a little bit of morning fog and hardly any clouds.

From 7:00h until 8:30h we were walking around and photographing the beautiful morning: starting in the blue hour with some morning fog and throughout the golden hour.

Take care!