Travel Tuesday: waiting for …

These 2 common black-headed gulls (Larus ridibundus) seemed to wait for something. During low tide I found them sitting on these piles of a Lahnung at the coast of Schleswig-Holstein.

In German the are called “Lachmöwe”, meaning “laughing gull” because of the sound of their cries.

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Travel Tuesday: cycling along the dike


I’m pretty sure, I said it more than once: you can cycle for days without having to climb up a hill when cycling along the German north sea-coast. You can either cycle on top of the dike or on the paved roads reserved for cars of the maintenance workers. No air pollution and no traffic (expect a few pedestrians, other bikers or some sheep). It’s really easy and relaxing to cycle here.

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I’m back ….

610_5609_w… from East Frisia at the German North Sea. Frisia is the region, where the ancient frisian people settled. Nowadays it’s devided in North-Frisia in Germany (state of Schleswig-Holstein) and Denmark, East-Frisia in the German state of Lower Saxony and West-Frisia in the Netherlands. Big areas on the main lands are part of Frisia as well as several islands, located in front of the coast in the tidelands called Wadden Sea. During tide vast areas fall dry in the tidelands. You can even walk to some islands in these times.

I was up there for an extended weekend. Last Monday we have had a public holiday here: Pentecost Monday – Whit Monday. Because of the wonderful warm weather the week before, many people started on Friday around noon to a short vacation. Many states here have had a school holiday on Tuesday. So, this is the perfect weekend for a short vacation. Unfortunately, many, many people got that same idea – so the motorways were very crowded on Friday afternoon. Instead of 3 1/4 hours, we needed 2 1/2 hours more for the way. But, it was worth the effort. Although, the temperatures dropped significantly, we have had a wonderful time ’til our return on Wednesday.

As usual for an “I’m back …” post I attached several photos. The gallery below has also some images, I already posted on Instagram (consider following me at Instagram: @tuxur)

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