Travel Tuesday: Evening mood at low tide

Being near the ocean give wonderful light. Open you eyes and see, what mother nature celebrates.

My daughter picked this image for her living room: 100×50 cm printed on canvas. Looks gorgeous.

Take care!



Travel Tuesday: Sunset at low tide

It’s mid November. So, sunrise is quite late (at about 8). Therefore sunset is early (at about 5). Over the next 5 weeks the days will shrink further.

Additionally, the sky is overacted by a thick dark-grey layer of clouds and it’s raining very much. Most of the trees don’t have leaves anymore.

That’s, why I need some some colors. I hope you like this sunset as a reminder to the past summer.

Take care!


Travel Tuesday: waiting for …

These 2 common black-headed gulls (Larus ridibundus) seemed to wait for something. During low tide I found them sitting on these piles of a Lahnung at the coast of Schleswig-Holstein.

In German the are called “Lachmöwe”, meaning “laughing gull” because of the sound of their cries.

Take care!