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Throwback Thursday: it’s too early for fall!

It’s early September. So, in 2 weeks fall starts according to the calendar. In recent years, fall usually started not before October, in some years not before November. But, this year is different. Fall already started in early June. Nearly no fruits on the trees and bushes here in my region. The apple tree in our garden has severe problems: the apples and the lower leaves rot and mold on the tree. We got exactly 10 apples while 5 of them are to be thrown directly on the compost heap. According to a professional gardener, this is a result of the low temperatures and the high amount of humidity because of the frequent and heavy rains. The image below is taken a couple of years ago.

Yesterday, I read the EU published a report stating 2021 was the hottest summer ever (since the beginning of the weather recording). I can’t confirm and according to co-workers from northern France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, the summer over there also didn’t deserve that name. 😦 So, the summer in other parts of Europe (i.e. Poland and Finland according to other co-workers, Italy, Greece, and so on) must have been even hotter to balance the low temperatures in West-Europe.


Btw. the weather forecast proposed the next rain front starting from today and last at least until mid of next week. Fortunately, the last 5 days were kind of summerly.

Take care!


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Walking through the jungle

600_6040_wHere are some photos taken in the forest and on the hills. While walking uphill we met a man coming down from collecting fruits in the forest. It’s a Guanábana (Annona muricata). It grows wild and the fruits are collected for their private use. A fruit can wight up to 4 kilos and tastes sour – sweet. Interesting, unusual, but ok. You can eat the soft, whitely fruit or drink it as a juice. But avoid to eat the poisonous black pits.

I’d recommend to hire a local guide to get the interesting plants explained. There is so much to see and you’d miss it, when you don’t have a guide pointing your eyes on it. We had a very talented local guide. Actually he was able to guide this tour completely in excellent German.  He even knew the German names of the plants and the animals.


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