Travel Tuesday: town canal

Here we are at the town canal of Greetsiel. It’s part of the de-watering system called Siel You can see the platform where the round-trip with the canal boats start and the twin mills in the back. Each boat has room for approximately 15 people.

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Travel Tuesday: beach chairs


Here we have a beach chair. In German it’s called a Strandkorb. Strand = beach and korb = (a woven wicker) basked.

It’s very common along the German coasts. You can find them at the beach, but also in private gardens or in other public places. As we have much of wind at the coasts, you sit inside very comfortable. I keeps the wind away and you can adjust the back to lean back. On the top you have a small adjustable sun shield. All the fabrics are weather resistant. They stay outside from carry spring until late fall. On one side (and sometimes on both sides) you can find a foldaway table i.e. for a drink.

At the public beaches you can find beach chairs to rent for your stay (a day, a part or your full holiday).

Take care!


Monochrome Madness 2-49


This foggy forest is my contribution to Monochrome Madness organized by Leanne Cole.

Do you see the 2 tiny men looking in the canyon? The Saxonian Switzerland is an amazing landscape.

Take care!

Monochrome Madness 2-02



Todays photo for Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness is taken from my visit in Dusseldorf, participating in our monthly photographers roundtable.

I really like these unusual buildings, designed by Frank Gehry. You can find other buildings, designed by him, in many other places all over the world.

Take care!

dancing houses

610_3216_d_wYesterday we have had our monthly photographers roundtable. We met in our state capitol, Düsseldorf and visited the Media Harbour, a former trade and custom harbor. A few years ago, this area was renewed and the premises were then used by media agencies, film companies and advertising agencies. That’s the reason for the name “Media Harbour”. Many new buildings with steel and glass fronts were set up, but some of the old buildings are still in place. You can also find here the Dancing Houses, three buildings made by the famous architect Frank Gehry.

We were gifted by fantastic pre-spring weather. Thus, many people were in the streets enjoying the sun and the warmth.

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