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For Boxing Day

Now, Christmas is nearly over. But, here in Germany, Dec. 26th is also a holiday.

We celebrate Christmas on Dec. 24th = Christmas Eve. That night, Christ child brings the presents for the kids (and the adults). The two following days are used for visiting the relatives. Often, one day for the parents and the other day for the parents in law. So, we have three days of presents for the kids. Three days of good food.

So, I have a gift for you, too. I prepared a calendar for 2019 to be used as a background wallpaper on your computer. To download it, you can simply right-click on the link above or on the image below and save the image to your computer. Next, you can promote the image to be the desktop wallpaper for the next year or print it for hang it on your fridge or your wall.

Have fun!


Calendar 2018

My wall calendars for 2018 are already available at the stores.

When still looking for a nice Christmas gift for your home, offer or for friends and family, consider ordering one of my calendars, puzzles or canvas with images from Cuba or Iceland.

All my calendars are available i.e. via Amazon, in the US as well as in Europe. I just checked that.

Cuba Cars (landscape)

Format DIN A4 : ISBN  978-3-665-65308-8 (German)
Format DIN A3 : ISBN 978-3-665-65309-5 (German)
Format DIN A2 : ISBN 978-3-665-65310-1 (German)
Format DIN A5 : ISBN 978-3-665-65311-8 (tabletop German)

Format DIN A4 : ISBN 978-1-325-23183-6 (UK)
Format DIN A3 : ISBN 978-1-325-23184-3 (UK)

Format DIN A4 : ISBN 978-3-665-93836-9 (CH)
Format DIN A3 : ISBN 978-3-665-93837-6 (CH)
Format DIN A2 : ISBN 978-3-665-93838-3 (CH)
Format DIN A5 : ISBN 978-3-665-93839-0 (tabletop CH)

La Habana (landscape)

Format DIN A4 : ISBN 978-3-665-66488-6 (German)
Format DIN A3 : ISBN 978-3-665-66489-3 (German)
Format DIN A2 : ISBN 978-3-665-66490-9 (German)
Format DIN A5 : ISBN 978-3-665-66491-6 (tabletop German)

Havanna (Portrait)

Format DIN A4 : ISBN 978-3-665-66582-1 (German)
Format DIN A3 : ISBN 978-3-665-66583-8 (German)
Format DIN A2 : ISBN 978-3-665-66584-5 (German)
Format DIN A5 : ISBN 978-3-665-66585-2 (German)

Traveling the South of Iceland (landscape, English)

Format DIN A4 : ISBN 978-1-325-24259-7
Format DIN A3 : ISBN 978-1-325-24260-3

Unterwegs im Süden Islands (landscape, German)

Format DIN A4 : ISBN 978-3-665-86967-0
Format DIN A3 : ISBN 978-3-665-86968-7
Format DIN A2 : ISBN 978-3-665-86969-4
Format DIN A5 : ISBN 978-3-665-86970-0

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Mother’s day

600_0148_wToday, we celebrate Mother’s day, a holiday to honor the mothers and her work for the family. It’s held on the second Sunday of May in most parts of the western world and is originating from the US in the early 20th century.

The mothers get flowers or chocolates from her older kids or if they are at younger ages (i.e. preschool) self-painted pictures or handicrafts. In case, the kids are grown up and live on their own or already have their own family, they visit their mother or invite her for tea time or for going out for lunch.