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Going to church



Everywhere in the country you can find these small white churches. White corrugated sheeting outside for the walls and red corrugated sheeting for the roof. We stopped at a few of them, where they were located right next to the street. Most of them stand alone in the landscape. Unfortunately none of them was open.

Only the interesting one surrounded with a stone ridge was open, so I entered. But, this one is located near a gas station, hotel and supermarket.

I also was in the main cathedral Hallgrímskirkja in the capital Reykjavík, but that’s preserved for another post 🙂

Take care!

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riding on Iceland


You knew, there is a very special horse breed living on Iceland. These horses are living outside the whole year. They are i.e. used for catching the sheep in fall and bring them back to the houses while they live free in the highlands during summer.

You can also come to Iceland to make riding holidays. There are offers for different kinds of riding skills. The cross country tours are the most challenging ones and you’re supposed to be a very good and experienced rider. The guided tours consist of 3 horses for each rider. The additional horses run free with the groups and without luggage or a settle. The tours follow paths to meet every now and then certain places for a rest where a car with some stray waits, to feed the horses. Drinking water isn’t a big problem here, but food.

We met such riding tours a few times during our trips through the highlands, as you can see.

Take care!

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a bit more from the highlands

600_3587-e_wFrom Landmannalaugavegur our path led us further east and back to the coast. When looking back, our next destination was  absolutely the highlight of our trip. But, more on that later.

While driving east, we passed again so many different landscapes and mountainous regions. And again, we made a lot of stops for taking photos of these breathtaking landscapes. Although, we were only about 600m above sea level, it looks like being way further up in the mountains.

Every now and then, there are small areas beside the street parted only by somewhat bigger rocks. These are parking grounds. Also the streets in the highlands are packed with these kind of bigger stones.

Take care!

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