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diamonds at the sea

600_6055-ec_wThis is another aspect of the combination of ice and sun: shiny little diamonds laying on the back sand at the beach, just like they were laying in a jewelry store’s window decorated on black velvet.

The setting sun was able to illuminate these compact blocks of clear ice from behind. Where the sun reaches the ice, it is illuminated in a warm, soft orange. While those parts of the blocks, not hit by the sun, stay in their cold, blue appearance.

The sun must have a very low stand to illuminate the ice blocks in this way. Unfortunately, this didn’t last long. It lasted only for a few minutes, before the sun hided behind the mountains.

Many other people also were on that beach as we were there. So, it was kind of hard to avoid people somewhere in the background of my own photos. Some people even were taking ice blocks to drape them on the beach.


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ocean on the rocks

600_6503e_wI haven’t seen such stuff before! Ice laying on the beach. Ocean waves come and flow around them. And a wonderful sky above.

Mother nature is extremely talented in using her powers to compose scenarios with her colors, structures and other decorative stuff. What an extravagance – simply for impressing us?

No repetition. Everything is a unique piece of art.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: twinkle

This weeks photo challenge at The Daily Post is called “twinkle”.

For this challenge I picked one of my photos from my upcoming series on Iceland. That series will start here in January and here your get an appetizer. 🙂


Take care!

(as always: click on the photos to see them in a bigger size)

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Weekly Photo Challenge: refraction

600_6708-e_wThis weeks photo challenge at The Daily Post is called “refraction”.

Water, plants, ice, volcanos or earthquakes  are natural cases, that have huge refracting powers.

I picked this photo from Iceland for this challenge to show the power, nature has. It’s a valley made by tectonic movements. The small black dots right to the river are hikers!

Although, rock and stone seem so solid, but they have to give room, when mother nature comes and forces it.

Take care!

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dps Weekly Photography Challenge – blue

600_6001-e_wThe guys over at dps asked for their weekly photo challenge for “blue”.

Blue as a color is found everywhere on the planet: water, ocean, lakes, sky, flowers, eyes and many other things, too. Also, you can feel blue, when you’re depressed or exhausted. When describing someone as ‘blue’ in German, you’re saying he or she is found drunk.

This photo from my upcoming series on Iceland has several kinds of natural blue, so I preferred it on many others:

1. the sky
2. the water reflecting the sky
3. the water
4. the ice in the shadows on the mountains
5. the very dense ice swimming on the water
6. my hands and nose from the cold air 🙂
and, maybe, you can find some further blues, too.

Take care and enjoy the silence!


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Winter is back :-(

600_3416-eb_wSince my last winter post in early December 2012 it was not that cold and fortunately no snow. But last Friday night it began to snow again. Not that heavy as it was in December, but it was constantly snowing, just like fine drizzling rain, but in snow. So, the ground is covered by a layer of snow of approximately 10-15 cm high. That’s not that much, OK, but enough to hinder many people to come to work at time.

Yesterday I was on a short photo trip on my own. Not far away, only approximately 10 km away from my home. I expected to see some icicles and a frozen creek to redo my last year photos but with snow. Unfortunately we only had -4 to -5° C during the last weeks and warmer the weeks before. So the waterwheel had only a few small icicles, but not so, as I expected. Bad luck.

Instead I walked the valley uphill straight along the creek and got some other impressions for you.

Have fun and enjoy while waiting for the next post from Bavaria 🙂

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ice, ice, baby

Yeah, it’s cold here. Currently we have low temperatures here. They are around -10 to -15°C for nearly two weeks now. Ok, there are regions , where this degrades would be considered as quite mild, but here the news call it “sibirian cold” reffering to the low temperatures in Sibiria.
Fortunately it’s a black cold and the last days were sunny with no wind. Dress up like an onion (several layers of cothing on top of each other). So it’s easy to stand against the cold.

Two weeks ago, when it started to become that cold, we had als icy wind, so it was quite harder to stand the cold. Because of the wind, the temperature were feeled colder than it really was.

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