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A tiny trip to Japan

610_9232-e_wNot, literally! But, you know, every now and then I told you, that in my area you can find the city with the third biggest number of Japanese inhabitants, outside of Japan. Only in London and Paris there are living more people from Japan.

On Thursdays we have had a public holiday and fantastic weather (one of the two days of summer ūüôā – the other one was Friday¬†– grin¬†). All jokes aside. I still hope for more hot days this summer. Although a thunderstorm ended the current summerly¬†period Friday night. For next week we are supposed to get only 15-20¬įC, just like last week, before the temperature jumped to 28-36¬įC on Thursday.

Nevertheless, I want to tell you about the Japanese garden I visited. It’s built about 100 years ago as a part of a huge private park. An industrial¬†entrepreneur has had a mansion with these park. After a visit in Japan, he felt in love with the Japanese garden culture and decided to set up his own Japanese garden. He invited garden architects from Japan to create the garden for him.

Although his company grew enormously because of their success in the chemical sector , the park still exists. Currently the park’s size is about 22¬†hectare (= 220.000 m¬≤) and 15.000 m¬≤ of this park are formed to be the Japanese garden. On weekends this park (and the garden) are¬†visited by many people. There’s no entrance fee. The company still cares for the park. It’s located directly beside their headquarter. So, it’s a slight problem to get a free parking slot on weekdays, because the employees need the room for their cars. While the park is always open to the public, the Japanese garden has restricted opening hours and is always guarded.


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