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Throwback Thursday: mirroring

Saturday before last, we were visiting long-term friends. The two women even are friends since their common time at school. Unfortunately, they are living far away from us and personal reasons were hindering us to meet for several years. But, that Saturday we met again. It was a fantastic day over there.

While we had a walk around a nearby lake we split. A walk-and-talk for the women and a photography walk for the men. Being prepared, I had my camera in the back of my car. So, the women walked a lot more than the men. But, for me, it was also a teaching lesson.

Take care!

photo-of-the-day, photography, travel, world

Throwback Thursday: Fare well!

I guess you know this tree if you saw my yesterdays post.

It’s the same tree, but a whole trip was between these two images. Yesterdays image was the first photo taken in Wales and this one was the last photo. Morning and evening made a trip 🙂

This tree usually stands in the lake. But, the water level was very low because of the lack of rain during the winter. At least 0,5 meter of water is missing. The lake is approximately 2 miles (3.2 km) long and in size about 240 acres (~1 km²). So, you’re able to calculate, how many liters or m³ of water is missing. And, summer has not come until now. We only have May!

Climatic changes everywhere.

Take care!

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Throwback Thursday: Sólfar


Sólfar is a sculpture in Reykjavik, the Icelandic capital. It symbolizes a dragon boat with 5 Vikings sailing to the west. The Icelandic name means “Sun voyage” or “voyage to the sun”.

In this image taken at about 2 a.m. (yep, in the middle of the night), I illuminated parts of the sculpture. In the older post, you can see some other images, too.

Take care!