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Art attack at the horticultural show

600_9687-e_w Two weeks ago I was at a horticulture or gardening show. One stand offered garden sculptures. I guess, everyone knows about such sculptures to set up in the garden. But these were very interesting for me. Each one need about 1 m² for setup.

Both photos are shot using a very special lens, called fisheye. This lens has a special feature to show everything at a range of 180°. But, it has a strong distortion in case you’re tilting the camera and move the horizon from the middle up or down. You can easily see, I tilted the camera upwards in both photos, but the tilting angle for the spider was less than for the mantis in the photo above.

600_9691-e_wPhotographing these sculptures from an usual point of view is much more than looking in a catalog. Using the fisheye lens and photographing upwards brings you more in the creepy situation like another insect would experience the attack of one of these dangerous predators.

I don’t wanna frighten you. Enjoy the photos and

Take care!


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Visiting a horticultural show

600_9639-e_wYou know, every first Saturday of a month I have an appointment in my calendar: the photo round table! I meet with other photographers in different places. We negotiate the destination in the week before online in a web-based internet forum. We are over all about 15 – 20 people. But, not everyone is there at each meeting. Usually we meet outdoors and visit nice places, sometime we visit exhibitions and museums. Every now and then I’ve posted some of my results here in the blog. Usually we meet at 2 p.m. walking around, chatting and taking photos. In the evening we visit a restaurant nearby for diner, chatting and looking photos i.e. taken at photo trips.

This time we visited a horticultural show. Each year we have a federal horticultural show. It takes place in different cities each year. Some states also organize such horticultural shows on a more regional level. The schedule is not that tight. Here in my state it seems over the last years, that it is organized every other year. Opening time is from March until October.

For me, it was the first time to visit such a show. The entrance fee was quite high: 15,50 €. My membership in an automobile club was good for a 1,50 € discount and parking was free. But I was quite disappointed. Although the park was nice and offered many options to look and photos, but I expected to see more of the designed gardens.

Don’t take me wrong. All the parts of the parks were very nice. They also integrated the remaining ancient town wall and towers and did it very well.

In my photo gallery you can see a few of the designed gardens as well a some flowers and parts of a (intentionally) wild meadow. I hope, you enjoy the photos.

Take care!

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