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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #78 – Special Spot Shot

Now, nearly all festivities are over and we’re coming back to normal. So, the Lens-Artist Photo challenge starts again. Ann-Christine asks us for our special spot shots. I was on many special spots during the last years. Some of them mean a lot to me, others are only interesting and/or impressive. An example for a location that means a lot to me could be the visit to Mt. Saint Michel or my trip to Seychelles beside others.

But, for today I chose another very impressive spot: Diamond beach on Iceland

Here we have black lava sand at the beach. Not far away a river ends in the Arctic sea. The river comes from a glacier lagoon. Every now and then, icebergs fall of the glacier and drop in the lake at the foot of the glacier. From here the low tide pulls the smaller icebergs through the river to the sea where they become smaller and smaller. The in-coming high tide throws the small blocks of ice on the beach. The very low standing sun is able to inflame a fantastic warm light inside the clear iceblocks. This special moment only lasts a few minutes until the sun dropped behind the glacier and the magic minutes were over. The image is taken at 23:10 😲

I ordered a big print of this image for our dining room. Just like some other great nature images, it rotates over the year in hanging there.

Take care!

landscape, nature, travel, world

volcanic structures

600_8297_wIn many places you can see structures of stone. Many, if not all, of them were created by volcanic activity. Especially basalt is easy to recognize because of its characteristic shape: (usually) hexagonal pillars.

You can find similar remains in several parts of the earth. These pillars occur, because of the certain environmental conditions while cooling down of the lava.

At the southern coast of Iceland near Vik (and probably in other parts of our planet, too) you can find huge caverns, where you can even see these pillars from below. These pillars have a side-lenght of approximately 30 – 40 cm. So, you can easily use the lower ones as a seat.

Take care!

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