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Saint Joseph in Le Havre

The tower of the church is high and overshines the ordinary buildings. When I saw it for the first time from a distance, I asked myself, what kind of building it might be, although it seemed dull to me.

When coming closer I noticed, that it is a church, build in the same style as the surrounding business and appartment  buildings.  Do you remember my last post on the city of Le Havre? Continue reading “Saint Joseph in Le Havre”

architecture, culture, history, landscape, photography, travel

Visiting Le Havre

Le Havre is a big city next to our vacation base, so we visited it. According to wikipedia the city was reconstructed after World War 2, because of its vast demolution. The reconstruction was done by a team of architects. They followed a common masterplan while designing the new city. The design of all Continue reading “Visiting Le Havre”